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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Road Trip


An inventible episode happens and its not as bad as expected.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 9: The Road Trip: GRADE: B+

I called it back in my Jake and Sophia review that an episode with Jake and Sophia and Amy and Teddy together somewhere was going to happen and I was right. SUCK IT! Wait, I didn’t bet anyone that, never mind let’s move on to the episode itself. The set up is actually pretty nice with Jake and Amy having to go upstate for a prison transfer and staying at a bed and breakfast which Jake uses to have a romantic weekend with Sophia and Amy let’s it be known that she wishes Teddy was more like that. So cue Jake surprising Amy with inviting Teddy. Double surprise, Amy wants to break up with Teddy.

I honestly thought we were going to get Jake and Amy confused about each other’s feelings and lead to an awkward breakup for one of the couples but that isn’t the case. Amy doesn’t feel anything with Teddy anymore who seems more preoccupied with his home brewed pilsners. Of course Amy already had an outline of her breakup letter ready but the scene where it has to happen is glorious. Eva Longoria get’s to play with more than Andy Samberg and she once again fits into the world Nine-Nine has set up. She even notes how Jake looked when Teddy said Amy maybe liked him. The scene is as hilarious as it is awkward. also props to Teddy guest actor Kyle Bornheimer for playing it up so well. We get no huge declaration of love between Jake and Amy, things are actually smoothed over with Sophia, creepy dolls and puppets and all. Though there is just this nagging part of me that feels its going to lead to something in the fall finale or the full season finale. It was brought back to the forefront tonight and will obviously be something that works itself into the upcoming events of the season. Given how the show has handled some storytelling cliches before I think it could pull it off, but I’m not sure. Almost any story has been told, there are just news ways of telling them.


While the prospect of a “will they, won’t they” kinda hinders our main story, our two side stories are excellent comedy setups. Holt asks Boyle to help him teach him how to cook breakfast as an anniversary surprise for Kevin, sadly no Marc Evan Jackson appearance, but loads of chemistry between Andrea Braugher and Joe Lo Truglio. Apparently Holt would just have beige, bland, tasteless smoothies since he doesn’t understand food. Joe Lo Truglio was born to play a role like Charles Boyle. He’s so weird and out there that coupled with the hero worship of Jake and his ability to self sabotage himself makes him pathetically charming. He has wonderful line delivery and can make some the most absurd sounding dialogue work because he’s becoming this character. The way he gets upset at Holt for how he prepares scrambled eggs, remember to put salt on from the hand people, is so brilliantly in character that it was the biggest laugh I had all night. The resolution even makes sense since Holt remembers a dish he and Kevin shared together on their one year anniversary and it told a story, the way food should according to Boyle. It was honestly sweet.

Then there’s a storyline I though we would have gotten back in season 1, but makes sense now that we’ve fully progressed our character we get an episode where Rosa is weak and her strength is in question as she has the cold when trying to find out a Giggle Pig dealer. The hilarity mostly comes from how Gina reacts as she tricks Rosa into a locked room where she can shake things off. Terry Crews gets a couple good lines in there, and the name of said dealer, that’s punctuated with its finale of Rosa punching her way through the glass pane of the door after a day long coma. It really shows the love between the characters of the station. Its a really good episode.


Now while the main plot might have been hindered by a Sam/Diane situation brewing, just like Teddy’s pilsners, it didn’t stop yet another week of Brooklyn Nine-Nine being brilliantly held up by its fantastic characters. These are what makes the show so fantastic.


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