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Batman Eternal #35

Batman Eternal’s latest issue puts a new spin around one its characters.


Batman Eternal #35
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Fernando Blanco

“Jason Bard is behind all of the events of Batman Eternal.”

That’s a theory I believe is going to be brought up after reading the latest issue of the weekly series. Bard is actually at the center of this issue as he has Lucius help take over the Batmobile in an effort to try and arrest Batman and he even tells Batman it is personal. Why? Well Vicki Vale goes to where Bard transferred from, Detroit and it seems that the Batman of Detroit had something to do with Bard’s lover fellow police officers, Jodie Hawkins.

We know Hush isn’t really the mastermind behind this, but yet the person who spoke at the beginning of the first issue knows Bruce is Batman so that could count him out but he can get the information out of Lucius or discover it himself. I don’t know how that’s that my guess as to the theories that are going to be discussed among fans. This adds some more depth and continue and strong story work that last issue gave us with James Tynion IV back on the writing reigns of this one and a nice debut of Fernando Blanco who is very good with the characters. Action is only reserved for one thing in this issue and its nicely done. The excitement that comes from it is really goddamn good.

Eternal gets more personal now and its starting to get a little deeper with a new plot point. Bard is unstable and will get very dirty. Could Bard be behind this all? We’ll have to read next week to find out. The introduction of this make me very interested to see where things go since its seems elements of Batman Incorporated are going to be coming into play, which just makes me happy as a big fan of that book.

Eternal’s final act is coming up and its go big or go him here.

RATING: 4.5/5


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