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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Pontiac Bandit Returns


Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes elements from two of its best episodes and combines them into one great new episode.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 10: The Pontiac Bandit Returns: GRADE: A

From the moment we first saw Jake undercover as Santa ringing a bell on the street asking for donations and on walked by Craig Robinson as Doug Judy AKA The Pontiac Bandit, I could tell we were in for such a treat of an episode. Back in season one, “Christmas” was the last episode of 2013 for the then new Fox comedy and it returned in early January with “Pontiac Bandit”, both of which helped really showcase what Brooklyn Nine-Nine is capable. I bring up the opening scene again as to bring up that the ensuing chase and fight in a lot of Christmas trees along with an accidental fire among them and Jake proclaiming this is what happens when you’re on the naughty list that goes into a wide shot of him in the forefront of said burning trees got the biggest gut laugh out of me and it never stopped for the rest of the night.

Craig Robinson and Doug Judy both help to bring out the best in what is still the most surprising aspect of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Andy Samberg and Jake Peralta. While the show is a full ensemble and completely character driven, its Samberg at the center. He surprised me and all of us with his capable range and ability to keep things funny, sharp, and act as a capable straightman. Now as an actor of course he’s gotten have range but this was the first time I got to see him use it fully to the best of his abilities and I must say I’m impressed. The great chemistry between Samberg and Robinson is ever so present here as it was back in January. Jake truly doesn’t like the Pontiac Bandit since he’s been eluding him for so long and yet Jake doesn’t mind Doug Judy as they weirdly bonded with each other when they last encountered. Its expected Jake would be soured on that now that Doug’s back and he is but yet they do find ways to keep bonding. Jake is a straightforward cop and as its been brought up tries too often to see the good in people, but Jake can and does get the full job done when he needs to.

The reason for their bonding this time, Doug just so happens to know someone who is involved with Giggle Pig distribution and Rosa still needs a huge win for the task force and the department as a whole. So of course a deal is made where he’s put up in a four star hotel, Rosa has to call him Big Sugar, and a reduced jail sentence. Negotiation was a nice, sharp, quippy exchange which brought in Captain Holt.

The bonding is a good part of what makes this episode so funny, Robinson is a great comedian and performer in his own right and he is once again a prime example of the perfect casting the show has in who to bring on to interact with the main cast. Especially when Doug helps Jake steal a car to help give a good impression in front the Giggle Pig contact. Of course Doug screws them over and plans an escape during the bust which is followed by hilarious confession shot on the very far away beach he’s on. Jake and Rosa vow to get Doug the next time, which I already look forward to.


Meanwhile Amy finds a loophole on Captain Holt’s no gift policy for the upcoming Christmas party, she makes one seeing as how Holt sees a gift being something bought for someone else, which yeah kinda, but because of that Amy makes a scrapbook of Holt’s greatest hits which are put together by tape she refuses to let Hitchcock uses to tape the nasty cut on his hand. Though he does logically since he doesn’t wanna pay someone at a hospital $100 to use the same tape on his hand. He’s truly the voice of reason of reason. Anyway its because of this that she and Terry comes across and very interesting subplot for the season that most likely will involve Wuntch. Years ago Holt put away an arsonist and while he was arrested for the fires he started, Amy discovers three of the fires he’s charged with might not have been started by him. I’m honestly intrigued by this to see what drama and jokes can come from this. What comes from this is still of course character moments from Amy’s scrapbooking, Terry being Terry, and just Holt. Its all a fine plot for the episode.

Just like Boyle and Gina’s story of their parents getting a lot closer together. Literally in the sense they will be moving in together and I am happy they brought them back so we could get more of Stephen Root and Sandra Bernhard. Joe Lo Trugilo and Chelsea Peretti’s disgusted reactions are perfectly suited for their characters in how they would react to such news being announced. They still bounce off each other so well and keep up the timing and pacing of jokes perfectly. Having both characters still involved with each other via their parents relationship is great since I was hoping they would interact together more after they were so suddenly discovered earlier in the season. I’m never going to doubt these writers again. Well except maybe the Jake and Amy situation, but that’s not here this week.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been on a roll lately with the latest batch of episodes that not only make me laugh and showcase it as one the best offerings on TV at the moment but will kindly provide a gapping hole of good network sitcoms with The Middle, Black-ish, Bob’s Burgers, Mindy Project, and New Girl with reigning chamption Parks and Recreation and sadly cut short newcomer A to Z going away. Season 2 is doing a great job improving upon the show and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


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