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Batman Eternal #36

#36 in the weekly Batman series keeps going on along as we get deeper into Jason Bard’s past and hey suddenly Harper Row’s story is a thing again.


Batman Eternal #36
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by Fernando Blanco

Well Tynion and Blaco are back together this week to continue on what they started last week with Bard controlling the Batmobile with Batman in it, trying to kill him. Yeah he doesn’t succeed thanks to Julia remembering from Alfred a protocol that let’s Batman escape.

Well yeah, its Batman. Anyway he finds Bard and rightfully gives him a great punch to the face as we learn from Vicki and local Detroit bartender as to how a Batman impersonator in Detroit ruined a drug bust with him and Jodie where Bard was the only survivor. I’m a tiny bit upset this doesn’t tie into Batman Inc., but that would screw up the time line, well further. Bards then on hates masks, meets Hush in the bar, and here we are. This honestly felt a bit paint by numbers, but of it wasn’t for the writing of Tynion and the build up this has with the Batfamily telling Bard they’ll come at him harder than he’ll come at them. Its a nice little moment to see the Batfamily, yes even Red Hood, together and being badass like that. Even Batgirl with her new costume making its first Eternal appearance. HOORAY CONTINUITY!

I will say the more interesting aspect was the return of Red Robin and Harper Row’s storyline as they still deal with the nanobots in the body of Cullen, Harper’s brother. They try, but Tim has to go and help out Bruce and crew. It was so great to see them kick off the issue and reminds us this is still a part of the ongoing story right now. I would like more of this.

Hush of course fuck with Batman’s head and Tynion writes that very well. Blanco’s art is so wonderfully done here and again, especially in the ending panels when Batman tries to figure out who is behind this all while we see elsewhere The Riddler is planning to screw with Batman once again. I’m a huge Riddler fan and think the character is great. I’m curious to see what he does in the present after seeing how great he was in the past with Scott Snyder’s Zero Year.

Overall its another fine chapter in the weekly series which I personally think needs to kick into high gear soon,

RATING: 3.5/5


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