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Batman Eternal #37

Things get a lot more interesting.


Batman Eternal #37
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Andrea Mutti

Tim Seeley comes back on to the book and give us one the best issues in a while. We’re back to juggling several stories at once which is kinda where Eternal is at its best. I love some the more centralized story issues like when the book first started out but there is such an energy to the way this book can balance so many things going on at once and have one plot thread connect into another. It was really captivating and that’s what this issue is, captivating.

Our prime focus is Selina Kyle as she is still getting the hang of running her family empire. We open with her easily taking an an assassin which dynamically flowed thanks to the artist of the week, Andrea Mutti whose art is a nice welcomed style. Its dynamic in its action sequences and how the characters move, giving nice perspective. Her facial works are nice, giving each character a distinct look and making them stand out. She brings the story to life. Selina feels like she still needs to stake her claim in the Gotham Underground. We do start in the club where the majority of Batman #28 took place which makes me excited for what’s going to be coming next and how much closer we are to the end.

Batman meanwhile is trying to get word on where Arkham escapees are at and follows a lead to the docks where he has a very nicely done conversation with Killer Croc. Seeley makes this scene really good with the words being said and the way they are being delivered. The pacing on it, and hell on the issue as a whole moves so nicely well its a joy to read.

Batman gets nowhere and afterwards, Catwoman, revealed to be Eiko, daughter of the head of the Yakuza, offers Croc revenge.

Said villains are in a “safe zone” of the Gotham Underground and this might be my favorite part of the issue. Mr. Freeze, Bane, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Joker’s Daughter, and Scarecrow are all interacting and its great. It really is. Seeley makes the scene pop with great back and fourth. Especially how Scarecrow weasels his way out of Bane’s bad side by promising Bane he can improve his Venom formula. Its a nice touch. Of course Ivy is trying to convince Bane to take her and ditch everyone else, professing she’s the better chemist than Crane.

Little is known that Selina is recording this via a camera in a cat’s collar she sent their way and she offers Batman the chance to catch them.

Oh and hey follow up on Batwing! It seems The Spectre’s chamr on Luke’s suit didn’t take since his roommate is seeing ghosts. I will also say, Mutti draws some very good ghosts. It has nice potential to it since its what ends the issue. The only other thing we get is Bullock and Sawyer loosing all respect for Bard and refusing to help him up when he falls on his bad knee.

Batman Eternal feels like a new book with this latest issue. Its alive, feeling good, confident, and exciting to read again. I love this issue a lot and can’t wait to see where it goes.

RATING: 4.5/5


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