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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Stakeout


Stake-cation all I ever wanted, stake-cation had to get away!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 11: Stakeout: GRADE: A-

Stake me out tonight, I don’t want to let you go ’til we catch the guy! Watch this episode and tell me you’re not going to be humming that to yourself a couple days after. Boyle’s theme song for his stakeout with Jake is one of the many highlights of this episode that much like Chocolate Milk earlier this season, it explores Jake’s true friendship with someone else in the squad, his best friend, Charley Boyle. Holt needs two teams of two for an eight day stakeout, two on four then a switch out. Jake and Boyle volunteer, but no one else does. They plan to take on the full eight days and yeah we can all see how this goes. Samberg and Lo Truglio’s chemistry and ability to make the material work makes this a strong outing for the show. The writing is always solid and even with a familiar story like this and ones they done before, they make it all work. This is also more certainly going to be better than the upcoming updated version of The Odd Couple.

Jake and Boyle learn how much they can indeed stand of each other as best friends and learn how much they really are best friends. Its really nicely done. The lists of things that annoy them of course take up all four walls in the living room of stakeout apartment. It is quite funny and we of course get great bits such as Boyle trying to alley oop a mini basketball, the aforementioned song, and Boyle has sleep apnea, in fact this is a bit more a great Boyle episode. Jake has great laughs too, but its Boyle that’s one the stars of this episode.

Their tempers fly and it blows the operation which they redeem themselves for at the end of the episode, but it feels earned. Jake again learns how he often blurs the lines between work and fun, especially when it comes to those he works with. Samberg plays the serious side so well it still really sells me on his capable range as a performer. Though again, Boyle had the bigger laughs here since chewing with his mouth open helps to oxygenate the food he’s eating. I don’t know why but that made me laugh so hard.


Our B-story also has to do with relationships within the department. The episode began with Holy, Jake, and Rosa getting accommodations for their part in the success of the Giggle Pig task force. holt revels in this since Wuntch has to put the medal on him and took all night to think of the perfect line. “Wuntch time is over.” Again, took all night. Why mention this? Well to set up the story that follows, but also because after he does become the bigger man after listening to Jake, there’s a beat when she moves on to Jake and Holy just yells the line out and is overjoyed by it. Goddamn its a treasure to watch Andre Braugher. Anyway, Nick Cannon! Yeah he comes on as Holt’s nephew who is staying in and Rosa instantly has the hots for. It makes things weird, but not awkward until they are discovered in Holt’s house the next day, I’m only slightly disappointed that Marc Evan Jackson only makes a cameo again here, but his time on screen is worth while. Holt’s dismay at the situation is just brilliant. Braugher has truly gotten to run the full gambit of emotional reaction and range on here, more so this season. It is a again a treasure to watch him. He’s obviously having a ball playing this and enjoys it immensely.

Cannon himself does good in the role, it wasn’t a big notable role for now, but the ending of the subplot guarantees he’s going to be back sometime later. Speaking of said ending, Holt’s attempts at talking straight to Rosa about this are just as funny. Especially when trying to give Rosa the bra she left over. I look forward to how that plays out.

C-story, kinda the weakest. Terry is drawing a book for his twins and they are all drawn in the vain of his co-workers. Amy and Gina get hold and see their personalities might be reflected as well. Now this subplot does mine some good laughs such as Gina realizing she is absolutely perfect in her own way. Her own narcissistic way. Amy is afraid she is too much a push over and seeing Melissa Fumero take nice and sweet Amy and play her as trying to be a uncaring badass is the funniest I’ve maybe seen her on the show overall aside from trying to stop smoking in this season.


This episode was a lot like in Chocolate Milk in how it looked at the friendships among the squad. It was really interesting to see and each had strong performances. To see how close this crew is, ints interesting to see them when they aren’t as close. The disconnected between then and the resolution that brings them together as friends feels honestly earned thanks to the writing and the performances of the actors. Its a real treat to see these things happen naturally instead of feeling so forced just to have a happy ending. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on a hot streak right now with the latest episodes its had and once again it all comes down to how well its carried by the brilliant ensemble cast of theirs. Goddamn do I love this show.


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