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Batman Eternal #38

Its Christmas Eve and that has nothing to do with this issue whatsoever.


Batman Eternal #38
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Andrea Mutti

Well first off, from me and…well me, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, doesn’t matter what you celebrate, its a season of good will. Its a wonderful time so let’s be happy!

Now on to our main comic at hand which features the collection of Rogues that gathered last issue and Batman following up on Selina’s intel on them and taking them down, but little does he know that he has some inside help. Poison Ivy has helped set them all up to get a payoff from Selina since hey, MONEY! The opening with them is interesting as Scarecrow psycho analyzes all of them, including Clayface right to his face. I personally love whenever some of Batman’s villains get together if only for the dialogue and interactions. Stories with them can feel forced since everyone loves the villains of Batman, I myself since hey Batman is my favorite comic book property. For a good story involving many of the Rogues together, there needs to be a good reason for it. The Long Halloween, Trail, Almost Got ‘Em, plenty of good reasons for the Rogues to be together. This book has one the best damn ones in the destruction of the Asylum.

Now Batman’s take down of them is pretty cool as he is Batman and is fully prepared for them, but that’s now the highlight, its the other inside help of Selina’s, Killer Croc. He and Bane have and old score to settle from some Forever Evil tie-in I never read and its honestly a nice fight. Mutti is on pencils this week again and does very well with the pacing being spot on and showing each combatant getting the better of each others. Its a nicely done sequence which has a great end to it. Also Killer Croc seems to be working for Selina himself. I don’t get that one.

The only other aspect of story we get is Bard asking Gordon for help bringing Gotham back to order, in agreement to get Gordon legally out of jail and doing everything by the book. Not much there.

The book has some really nice exciting action and intrigue going on with the villains this week and makes it worth reading.



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