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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Beach House


Vacation time for the squad!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 12: Beach House: GRADE: B

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back. There really wasn’t too much fanfare for the return, but that’s fine, I really didn’t need a big sequence to let me know the show is back from winter hiatus, just some laughs and I got plenty of that from this episode. I love the idea of the episode so much, seeing how the detectives truly get together outside of work aside from the bar or doing stuff off duty together. An annual detective only getaway, this year at the beach house of Boyle’s ex wife, which Boyle gets every December through February. Its a nice premise and makes for some interesting new ways to see the characters such as six drink Amy and vacation Terry who is untethered, but still very much tethered to his wife.

So what the hell is Captain Holt doing in the heading image I bet you’re wondering? Well He knows what’s up and isn’t against this, in fact he tells Jake as he brings in the last paperwork he filed before leaving being a gay black detective meant he wasn’t too involved in social gatherings with his co-workers. He also resented that and Jake starts to feel a little guilty which I think is once again a sign of great character progression on Jake’s part. Thing about it, were this episode in season one, no way this happens, but because of the progression overtime and what all they been through, it seems right that Jake would feel guilty about this given his respect, admiration, and yes, even love for Captain Holt. So Holt comes along and predictably brings things down but with hilarious results as the awkwardness makes for plenty of good laughs within the story. Though I think that’s mostly because of the stellar cast work once again being put on display here.

Holt’s realization after he catches the crew having a separate party from the one their having with him is nice and the talk with Jake in the hot tub is good, again thanks to the chemistry mostly. The ending with Holt joining in a game that takes jabs at him is wonderful to see as he does have some fun with it. again its the progression from last season that really makes this great and really work.


I think honestly the one subplot I liked most was Gina trying to see what Amy is like after six drinks. One drink makes her spacey, two makes her loud, starts dancing after three, pervy with four, and very confident after five, but Gina is determined to see what she deems as her Sasquatch. This works to not only give us more Gina and Amy together which is very funny, but also letting Melissa Fumero play with new dimensions of Amy Santiago. She continues to really bring something new to her character this season, constantly making her an episode highlight regardless of the episode’s overall quality.

Rosa using Holt to help send some romantic texting to Marcus to advance their relationship is just eh. Its an old sitcom favorite to use someone to help speak your words in pursue of romance but the writing was just okay. I didn’t find it particularly memorable and really wasn’t producing a laugh until its conclusion. Honestly they were better when interacting with the rest of the cast, such as in the hot tub where Rosa finds it awkward to be there with Holt and she wears a white t-shirt, which still shows her bikini top. Hilarious stuff.


The episode is strong for the most point and with little sprinkles of Terry Crews here and there its makes for a worthwhile return of one of TV’s absolute best comedies. Even when dealing with some standard storytelling, Brooklyn Nine-Nine can have some fun with it and make it their own, Rosa subplot this episode aside. It was good to see a more fun side to out lovable gang of misfit police detectives and how reaching out can really mean something to someone. I still think this season is going to keep going strong.


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