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Batman Eternal #40

Batman Eternal turns 40 this week and hopefully it doesn’t go into a midlife crisis.


Batman Eternal #40
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Davide Furno and Paolo Armitano

Well after a week that seemed to take a turn of things with it getting so close to the end, Eternal just drops itself on its face this week. They don’t advance how far the well goes as to who the mastermind behind it all is. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Batman’s part of the book this week is dragging Riddler’s ass back to Gotham City wherever Riddler likes it or not. It honestly feels like such a disappointment given how good the back and forth between them was last week and how strong an issue last week was. I just felt like it wasted time.

Time that could have been better spent on progressing the mystery. Catwoman doesn’t join in the Arkham escapees in stealing Batman’s tech so whatever there until Clayface actually transforms into Batman and takes off in the Batwing. Oh wait, Selina does try to figure out what all is going on and realizes there is a hit out on Stephanie Brown so yeah connection to Batman #28.

I feel like this is just a filler issue since there is a sport with Jim Corrigan and Maxie Zeus to be like, “Well that happened”. Oh then they seems to be around kids who have the same nanovirus as Harper’s brother. Also Vicki saved her boss.

Nothing really happened except for the fact villains got Bat-tech. Fawke dropped the ball and the art had nothing really memorable this week aside from Riddler being on the Batwing as if lifted off. I honestly can’t thing of one other memorable thing in this waste of an issue.



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