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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Payback


Jake’s in a giving mood this week.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 13: Payback: GRADE: B+

As much I praise how much Brooklyn Nine-Nine works when everyone is on fire together, it still does work when specific characters are paired together for an episode and I’ll say one the most successful ones, if not the most successful is Jake and Terry. This isn’t going to turn into a Tumblr post full of black and white gifs showing how they have truly expressed their love for each other. I do love the chemistry between Andy Samberg and Terry Crews when they have scenes together as they just bounce off each other in rapid fire succession. This and Chocolate Milk really show that off here in the second season how well the show is whenever these two are paired off.

Speaking of that previous episode, remember how it revolved around Terry and a vasectomy, well he and his wife are now excepting another child. Terry tells Jake in confidence after Jake’s wondering why he’s so uppity about $2,000 and change he owes him. In fact, Jake owes damn new everyone a lot of money, but Terry doesn’t want everyone to know what’s going on right away since its too early in the pregnancy to know anything. Boyle and everyone gets suspicious and when Jake realizes he can’t pay everyone back, he instead decides to work off the debts and its hilarious. Cleaning Rosa’s bike is the least of all the things Jake had to do. What all does he do? give Scully a massage, who carries his stress in his buttcheeks, call up people to tell Gina is dead for the reactions, which yes is maybe the best joke all night. Speaking of Gina, she not has a hoodie that says “It’s Time for Gina’s Opinion.” Perfect. Oh yeah and wash Boyle’s dogs, who hump everything.

The gags are nice, but again the honest chemistry of Jake and Terry is the selling point of the episode. Its really nice to see how they have advanced as friend-friends and work friends. The effects of Chocolate Milk are still prevalent which is really good to see for a comedy show. In fact I have seen lately how many comedies on TV are sticking with continuity. Of course plenty of others have, but lately after Arrested Development is been more showcased. Just forgot things and development that happened really hinder my experience of watching a show and my opinion of it as I love there to be some thread of continuity, more so with important elements, like Gina’s new hoodie.

Jake of course accidentally sends an email to everyone spoiling the news and the resolution is typical, but again, that chemistry just sells it so well. Said chemistry also leads to Jake trying Terry’s workout plan and holy fuck, its damn good.


We only have to plots this week, the other being Amy and Holy working the arson case that Amy discovered. She of course tries too hard which provides the majority of enjoyment from the subplot. Amy wants to have a true cold case/bonding experience with Holt and while its in character for Holt to not already have solved the case and know who did it and want it does quickly, it kinda wasted some potential for them to keep trying for Amy to want senpai Holt to notice her. They still get some good laughs with her convincing him to try street meat as he does open up with tales of yesteryear, but then they discover the true arsonist is dead and Holt has diarrhea.

Really felt like that subplot had just come and go. There should have been just a little more with it, since speaking of pairings, Amy and Holt are very good together. They are as good a pairing as Jake and Terry are. When he attempted to get her to stop smoking, it was funny and made for a damn fine episode. I would have loved for Brooklyn to take the chance with this subplot and let it be more fully realized than it was, but hey, its all good, still a fine episode.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is off to a fine start with its back half of season 2 with the first two installments that remind us why its still deserving of its status as one of TV’s best comedies. I’m finding myself being enraptured by it again.


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