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Batman Eternal #41

Batman Eternal, we need to have a little talk about pacing.


Batman Eternal #41
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Joe Quinones

So there’s something cool about getting a continuously weekly comic with a great team behind it yet something wrong. Yes the book will have a strong start, more often than not they do but you gotta keep the story going at such a momentum that people won’t want to fall off. The best weekly comic ever id DC’s 52, each week, something big then bigger would happen and there was always something different for the issue. Now Batman Eternal has been a continuous story that has had many storylines. The pacing has been all over the place and I hope, really hope next week kicks things up since this week we get an answer, but just more things added into the story.

While we are being brought back to the future look we had in Batman #28, this feels to be dragging things along a little bit. We find out the one behind the nanovirus is Mad Hatter. Mind control kinda has his name all over it, but I didn’t predict this since I haven’t know too much of hat Hatter has been up to in New 52 aside from brief appearances here and there. Red Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood go after him, become affected, Harper becomes Blurbird. Oh and Stephanie is knocked out by someone paid to protect her.

Kyle Higgins here just writes a fine issue, while a straightforward issue is great, maybe not right now with the end so close you can touch it. He gets across what he needs to in good fashion, but I think the one thing I love most in this issue is the art of Joe Quinones. He is an artist I love because he can draw such dynamic panels and give each character a distinct look, which speaking of has a bit of throwback-ness to it in some the facial work, reminiscent of Darwyn Cooke honeslty. Quinones makes the art really stand out in the issue as it looks just purely wonderful. I’m honestly remember it more than the writing.

There are rumblings of Batman Eternal getting a second season of sorts and you know what, going bi-weekly would be a great benefit for it, I know I won’t do weekly reviews anymore, I’ll be working out a different schedule as well that’s for sure.

Eternal still kinda stumbles around, but little plot progression and really good art keep this from being a complete bore.



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