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Batman Eternal #42

Batman Eternal just keeps being Batman Eternal.


Batman Eternal #42
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Jed Dougherty, Goran Sudžuka, & Roger Robinson

Harper Row fully becomes Bluebird this week and stops the Mad Hatter from controlling the Batfamily and Gotham teens through the nanovirus. I will say this issue is much like the last one, just there. Its not really interesting up until the end where we now see how Selina came to having Stephanie Brown in her custody. Mother Crystal has seem to have had a change of heart as to trying to make sure her daughter knows nothing, but she could be pulling a ploy. She owns up to having been behind hiring the one that fought her last issue. It gets good, has some interesting thing and then Selina shows up. I’m so highly intrigued.

Oh right Harper, yeah she was cool. Her fighting and coming into her own and couple nice humorous moments that came from it was honestly the best part of that. Batman shows up at the end, find out Hatter was hired by whoever is behind this. This is more stalling, unnecessary stalling that we really can’t afford right now.

We’re near the end and yet we still have a megaton of things to get to. Man this is just wasting time right now. We’re wrapping back to Batman #28 and as the solicitation for next issue promises a big twist because of that, I assume next week is when the book gets its shit together, but then agin, not holding my breath.

Also the art is good, except there’s three different artists this week I really can’t tell whose art is whose since I’ve never really heard of these artists before. Its really confusing and doesn’t let me know what to really think of whoever drew that.

Another issue of Batman Eternal where things just are moving at a snail’s pace. Eternal you need to get things going and also, go bimonthly if you truly are going have another one of these.



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