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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Defense Rests


Complications hit the precinct hard this week.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 14: The Defense Rests: GRADE: A-

First thing’s first, congrats to Brooklyn Nine-Nine on getting a season three renewal!

You know when I read up about what this episode was, I did get excited since I’ve liked all the episode featuring Jake’s new lady love. They have been on fire whenever Eva Longoria comes on and this latest outing isn’t any different. This episode dives more so into the complications of a cop and a lawyer dating each other, more so given the world built up in Nine-Nine where cops and lawyers don’t seem to respect each other too much. Its one of those nicely done details in a script I’ve always liked, like with the recent film John Wick, which I highly recommend, that the underground crime world is already fully built up and realized that the characters truly go along with things and bring us with them. Its also another reason as to why Parks and Recreation is so damn good.

Full realization through showing and not telling is a big part as to this show and this episode in particular being so good. Sophia feels as if her boss isn’t giving her good enough cases now because of her relationship to Jake and proposes a pause which Jake, in yet another sign of maturity and growth, agrees to, until he gets the bright idea to attend an event for her law firm and win over her boss in attempts to help her out. I think Terry said it best as how to describe Jake, “Jake is stupid, but he’s smart.” That is the best description of Jake Peralta I’ve heard yet. For as good a detective Jake is, he also still has noticeable flaws such as not understanding a lot about hygiene and banking and well while being a great friend, owing people large amounts of money at a time. Really that’s also the best way to accept Jake for who he is. His honesty also is what makes it entertaining to watch him. He truly believes in this plan and while it has a couple setbacks at first, he does get through to Sophia’s boss, Geoffrey Hoytsman, played so perfectly casted by Chris Parnell, who I’m surprised hasn’t been used before this episode.

Jake discovers Geoffrey likes to gamble and uses that to his advantage in a hilarious montage of outlandish bets they make throughout the party, including how many egg-rolls tall Terry is. Its 25 for the record. All is fine and god, until Jake catches Sophia’s boss doing cocaine in the bathroom. Longoria is once again damn go in this episode and fully fleshing out Sophia in a way that makes you wish this relationship could hold but it won’t and it honestly doesn’t. Jake being smart is him realizing this relationship is doomed, yet he’s stupid in how he wants to delays things for just a while. Its a nicely done scene outside the precinct when the breakup comes and both actors handle it quite well. Jake is of course gonna be sad and drink his sorrows, but he knows its the right thing to happen. Don’t you hate it when reality has to come crashing down on you? Life, dude, fucking life.

This leaves me mixed as I loved Sophia on here, but with the confession Jake made to Amy, one way or another, something involving them is coming around for the season finale. The good part was that wasn’t the reason as for the break-up, it was honest emotions an feelings that truly made way for the split here and I’m so happy about that. I really hope the show has a great endgame in plan for that because really I’ve felt like the show is much better than pulling something off like this. But hey, very good Terry lines came from this tonight so yay!


Now complications come around for everyone as our prominent B-story has Gina and Boyle dealing with the face Boyle’s dad wants to purpose to Gina’s mom, but Gina won’t give her blessing she that means with her life is intertwined with Boyle’s and to her that’s a fate worse than death. Well honestly not so much, we get a glimpse of Gina’s emotional side in how she’s not ready to sign off since she doesn’t want to see her mother’s heart get broken. Of course Amy is brought on as a middle ground to help things go smoothly, and of course use her giant ass binder of negotiation tactics. The scene where she ultimately gives her blessing is a nice back and fourth with Stephen Root, perfect casting and daddy Boyle, and sets the stage for what might be the setting for the season finale, which I would really love for it to be.

The C-story is pretty good, Wuntch is up for a promotion in Boston and needs Holt to give a good recommendation. His complication is of course that its Wuntch. This is such a pressing dilemma that Rosa is brought in as the voice of reason, yes, Rosa is the voice of reason to Holt, for the situation. Rosa knows how bad vengeance is having gotten a classmate kicked out of second grade, seriously, don’t take all the damn markers, then she knew about it and tortured Rosa throughout high school. That I think was my favorite detail of the whole thing to see a different side of Rosa and hear about a time when she wasn’t so much Rosa. Holt struggles since she doesn’t want her to have success, but yet wants to send her away as he hears all the children sing ‘Wuntch is gone.’ Its a nice and short subplot that ends with a very believable twist that it was really for a position within the NYPD and his good remarks for her is now on record.



The episode was a delight from the cold open about the ants invading the office. Good stuff and keeps going there with plenty of weird and straightforward humor as to how “professional” many of these officers are and with honest complicating emotions that bring out the best in the characters and the actors that pay them. Its it just so damn good. Brooklyn’s second season keeps going strong right now and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.


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