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Batman Eternal #43

Things have started to pick up!


Batman Eternal #43
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by David Lafuente

Basically the story of this issue here is the other side of what happened in Batman #28 last year and its excellent. That makes it not so surprising that James Tynion IV is writing being of Snyder’s camp. The majority of the issue is a conversation between Selina and Stephanie in where Selina psychoanalyzes Step and its wonderfully done writing. The interaction is delightful and intriguing. Seeing Selina play with Steph’s mind is great as it also allows for some great lines from Steph. Selina knows Steph has all the info that Batman needs and lets her decide: go with Batman and possibly die with the bounty still on her head or stay. She chooses Batman.

That leads to the other best part, her interactions with Harper. They bounce off each other so damn fast and its just pure fun. It also shows that Stephanie Brown is truly still Stephanie Brown which I love since I was worried she wouldn’t be her same old self. It can lead to some great possibilities.

That interaction leads to the cliffhanger in where Steph talks about her trust issues stemming from childhood to what’s going on, especially how she doesn’t trust Batman since the person she saw talking to her dad and the other criminals at the beginning of Eternal was the man who funds Batman, Bruce Wayne!

I’m gonna say this was Hush. I mean can’t be Clayface because that wouldn’t make any goddamn sense before Eternal started and now since he was one the Arkham escapees when it went boom and he’s now in Arkham Manor. This clearly has to be part of Hush’s contributions to the whole series of events.

As for art, David Lafuente’s art was so damn good. Nicely animated, fun, and so engaging. It was a nice change up from last week and add some variety to it as well. Shame he’s only doing this one issue. I would love to see more from him.

Eternal is starting to show some signs of life again and let’s hope that’s not just a blip on the heart monitor.



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