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Batman Eternal #44

Batman Eternal brings back ghosts. That’s exactly what we need so close to the end of the book.


Batman Eternal #44
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Aco

Batman Eternal brings back the Batwing and ghosts story that revolved around Arkham is back and well we did need to get back to it but after the twist and development of last issue, why? This is throwing a wrench in the development and progress of the book since we’re a month away from our conclusion of it. Its just confusing and befuddling as all hell. Maybe do this after 42 then go a couple issues, resolve, tie into what’s next and set up what all is going to happen to our conclusion.

This issue deals with that by showing Batwing equipping his gloves with some Nth metal and ready to kick some ghost ass, but then we cut to Batman hunting down old familiar Professor Milo, who I’m guessing might not get an extended role in Gotham Academy after being revealed to have been behind all the freaky shit that went down at Arkham. That doesn’t surprise me, seems very in character and I like seeing Milo, he’s one my favorite underused characters. Oh that is all we get of Batwing or his haunted roommate, yeah I remember, for the whole damn thing.

Aco is the artist on this issue and I like his art for the most part since some of the faces he makes with characters are not so good and look a bit ugly. He handles action stuff very well with the double page spread of Batman flying across the Gotham rooftops. That’s pretty goddamn great. He can draw people well sometimes, depending on who the subject is.

No Batman catches up to Milo and depends to know who gave him the invitation. As he asks, ghost hands come up from the ground of Gotham Airport. CLIFFHANGER!

Elsewhere, Steph tries to leave but Harper stops her. That’s that.

Batman Eternal really needed to keep moving forward but this week felt stalled, as if it wasn’t really moving in the direction it needs to. We’re this close to the finish line and shit needs to be connecting right now and things must be brought up. I’m liking it right now but patience is a little tested right now.

RATING: 2.5/5


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