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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Windbreaker City


The Nine-Nine are back to shoot paintballs and chew bubblegum, and they’re all out of bubblegum.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 15: Windbreaker City: GRADE: A

Break-ups are never easy. They can be pleasant sometimes, but underneath it is all that awkwardness of it and the constant mental anguish of losing what you loved and how you could fix things. Brooklyn Nine-Nine got to this with its opening as Jake brings the things Sophia left at his place to try and get it back to her. Of course the ones to help Jake are Terry and Boyle, by the way I want webisodes of them helping people with love advice, and they help Jake out by letting him know he needs to work through the pain, make it work him to get over Sophia. They let him text her to get her stuff. Jake’s reaction to why hasn’t she answered seconds answer also feels very much in character for him.

From there the episodes roles on as what is in many ways an spiritual sequel to season one’s Tactical Village, which is one the best episodes, in where the Nine-Nine are invited to take part in the Department of Homeland Securities multi-agency counter-terrorist drill. This is partly due to them replacing another agency last minute and their high scores in last year’s tactical village. Just the thing Jake needs to get his mind off of Sophia. But of course the highlight is Amy’s desperate attempt for cheers by shouting “Nine-Nine!” to boost morale. Sorry, but you madame are no Sgt. Terry.

When there, all confidence is taken away when agent in charge, Agent Kendrick, hello Nick Kroll, makes them the hostages. This makes the episode better as it really shows something only shown so often, the Nine-Nine are a group of very good and competent police officers that gets the job done. Yes even Hitchcock and Scully can get things done, occasionally. Jake riles them all up to lead a take over and it works to hilarious results. The action sequences as they are work very well and are nicely shot. I honestly think the show should showcase this more when possible as I think it can really help build the show up more by balancing the the comedy with the cop aspects of the show. It builds up well to a Die Hard referenced laden showoff with Agent Kendrick. I seriously love that Nick Kroll is the guest star for this as he perfectly conveys doucheiness well, which means he’s most likely one the most easy going guys offset. His back and fourth with Samberg is hilarious and had me rolling with laughter. He was on fire for the episode.


Samberg was the star of this episode as his excitement during the drill and his desperateness to hear from Sophia perfectly balance what a well developed character Jake is. He wants another shot and really that shows signs he might be over Amy than we thought, but then again he’s not getting back with Sophia any time soon. Its nicely done progression of the character while staying true to things we love about him from before, such as his willingness to not let some things go, such as being stuck in a role of hostage in the drill.

Within the drill is a Amy and Rosa subplot where they vie for most kills among them to see who gets Saturday off. Amy wants to go to a TED talk about the benefits of power posing, I think I know a National Geographic show that could help with that, while Rosa wants to go to dinner with her parents. Melissa Fumero just continues to kill it this season and Stephanie Beatriz gets to wisely use her emotional side when revealing the dinner is for introducing Marcus to her folks. What’s that? More solid character development? Yes it is. Amy and Rosa worked great together be it Rosa’s assertiveness or Amy over explaining why she’s like Pinocchio, they just were on fire this week.

Of course that leaves us with Holt and Gina who sparkle together. Yes I said sparkle as I believe Gina would say that. She needs someone to evaluate for her psych class and while she would love to have a great case with Amy, Hitchcock, or Boyle, which that would only guarantee an A+,  she goes for Holt. When they end up in the same psychological classification, Andre Braugher again proves he is a gift graced upon the world of comedy. He unravels so well trying to prove he stands out as an original being in a way that’s different than when he deals with Wuntch. Of course this is only half of what makes that funny as Gina just slays it. Their personalities clash in a beautiful way that’s similar and different from Jake and Holt. Jake is laid back, but Gina better exceeds at that with her superiority complex as well. This to me was the funniest bit of the night and what excelled it to its A grade, well that and how damn good the episode was itself of course.

I think this is one of the off pairings of the show that needs to be explored more. Holt and Gina are electric together.


This episode had everything working for it, but I think I’m ready for more consistent aired episodes as sports are over. I’d love for Nine-Nine to be here each week until summer hiatus to provide laughs, but be it on and off for weeks, you can still depends of this crew to make you enjoy taking 30 minutes out of your week to laugh.


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