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Batman Eternal #45

Well sure let’s just throw in his character!


Batman Eternal #45
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Javi Fernandez

Alright so Ra’s al Ghul bought Wayne Enterprises, when he’s not stabbing Green Arrow and kicking him off a cliff, with legal companies. This seems like a legit move that Ra’s would honestly do but, HOLY FUCK, MUST WE THROW IN MORE THINGS?! I think its no secret that I am much more a fan of Eternal’s first half for how well tightened and put together it was at handling multiple storylines. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of issues in the second half, but its lost a bit of its own focus trying to add in plot elements they truly meant to add in, but somehow feel so crammed in as we inch closer and closer to the conclusion of this story.

Now while I think this is suddenly crowbarred in, I’m curious to see how Ra’s fits into all of this since whenever Batman and Ra’s get together, sparks fucking fly in their hatred for each other.

Alright but the issue, just fine I mean I wasn’t too overly thrilled by it. I think Javi Fernandez’s art is the best thing of this issue. Its nicely detailed in regards of action and he did some very good character work. It popped out at me with each page.

The supernatural stuff, actually connected with Batman, Milo, Batwing, and Spectre coming together to find out that a bird came to Milo in a dream to tell him what he did. Yeah, bird told him to get a book and ruin Arkham. Weird, but I’m hopeful about what could come from that. Hopefully.

Steph and Harper? Man what a sum up of this book. It has felt like a chess match of everyone acting as pawns, everyone is just a cog in the machine. Even them in this scene that just barely moves along the plot of Steph saying Bruce Wayne is behind this all. Its not that good a scene and something I would have loved to have read, but I got pretty damn bored.

Eternal really wants to ratchet things up and that’s great, but they also seem to want to see so many other things in there that might not work in the overall story. Really feeling hesitant about reading another series of Eternal right now.



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