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Batman Eternal #46

This week we truly find out if Batman is truly eternal.


Batman Eternal #46
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Alessandro Vitti, Christian Duce, and Ronan Cliquet

Well let’s cross of Ra’s al Ghul of the list of those possibly behind the events of the whole book. He got Bruce’s attention to get his help since he’s in some bad shape from their last encounter. This is after of course Batman is faced off with Lord Death Man and Dr. Darrk through a cloud of some trippy drugs. Said drugs causing him to see past and future version of himself and Ra’s goes on about destiny and how we all are through life. Is Batman eternal? I say yes and well Batman does too with all the heroes he’s built up, the spirit of Batman is always going to live on in some form or another. Its a very good sequence that features some stand up writing from Tim Seeley who really gets to Batman this issue by fully understanding him.

Now this part of the art is handled by Alessandtro Vitti who shines here with his nicely done pencil that have a bit of a rough edge to it but just looks right when dealing with some Batman action and the outrageously designed villains of Lord Death Man and Darrk. Its a real testament to where this book will often go.

Speaking of going, this issue feels far more focused than any recent issue with a centralized story that moves us along nicely by seeing Ra’s has no business in the party that someone has invted plenty of people to. Very nicely written in regards to the character.

Now as for the subplots, well Julia is feature a bit just fucking with Hush in a couple pages drawn by Ronan Cliquet who has a nicely polished style to his art that served things up nicely, but Selina goes to visit daddy Rex about shipments being made through their company which turns out to be Poison Ivy who is planning…something. She opens the book in vagueness and ends it that way by ordering equipment for her band of fellow Arkham escapees and while wonderfully drawn by Christian Duce, really feels like a placeholder for next week.

Now to take a bit of a different turn. I’ve seen some outlandish theories as to who is behind this but there is one person that’s been thought of I think is the best answer and I’ve mostly seen it from the wonderful site, Gotham Spoilers ran by FHIZ. He’s proposed that Lincoln March is behind this all. Forgotten who Lincoln March is? Well remember way back to the last couple issues of the Court of Owls story by Scott Snyder? Lincoln March as a mayoral candidate for Gotham City that claimed to be Bruce’s brother and had a battle among Gotham skies that left him trapped in an exploding building with no body to be found.

To expound upon this, I think its true. Now Lincoln has a very delusional mind that would lead him to thinking he’s the brother of our dear Batman and he knows Batman and Bruce hold Gotham near and dear to their heart so for them to get revenge on missing a childhood and being neglected, take away what they cherish most. Gotham is at the heart of Bruce’s crime fighting obsession. Lincoln also knows how much the Batfamily means to Bruce so hey two birds with one stone. I think this theory is going to hold up and he’ll be revealed to be the matermind behind this all when we wrap back around to #1 next month. I haven’t heard or thought of a better suggestion than Lincoln March.

This issue was better in many ways while still having a bit of a focus problem, but its getting my trust back when it really needs it this close to the end. Carry on Batman Eternal, carry on!



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