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Batman Eternal #47

Shit happens.


Batman Eternal #47
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Juan Ferreyra

As of now we’re five issues away from the ending of Batman Eternal. This is shown by the fact we’re finally getting a brief glimpse of Gotham going to shit. Hush is able to break out and get a hold of Alfred as a hostage, who isn’t having the best week if you’ve also read Batman #39, and says he’s invited a family friend, said family friend I believe again to be Lincoln March who is behind all of this. We get a brief glimpse of the mastermind and by brief I mean covered in shadows upon shadows. Why mention this now? Its the most significant thing in the whole issue as to the overall story. Hush launches Julia out of the Batcave and remotely crashes the Batwing. Its some nicely paced and exciting stuff.

Really one of the main highlights of the issue is the art of Juan Ferreyra. He has such a nicely detailed look to it. It has a painted like how the art on C.O.W.L. and Phil Noto’s is. It is utterly lovely to look at from the people, propers, and scenery. I quite loved it. He does nice action too such as when the other highlight happens when the Batfamily go after the Arkham escapees with specific attacks after Julia gets the info from Catwoman. The issue really had a nice sense of pacing and was focused for the most part since elsewhere Steph and Cullen apparently need Vicki Vale to get the word out. There wasn’t too much to what was going on there which kinda drags the issue down a little.

The way the Batfamily goes after the Rogues are great for how they are geared to their targets. More then some get into some action with some being left for next week, or at least I hope since again we gotta get shit wrapped up.

While the issue is good, it still is slightly frustrating in how its dragging a little bit but hey I liked it. Its starting to feel alive again. Let us hope it still has a pulse next week.



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