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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Boyle-Linetti Wedding


Pull out your tissues and throw the rice, we’re going to a wedding tonight!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 17: Boyle-Linetti Wedding: GRADE: B+

We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of Lynn Boyle and Darlene Linetti in holy matrimony. Yes the wedding event we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived and how about we first talk about sitcom weddings shall we?

The wedding episode is a long standard tradition within comedy shows. Two characters finally decide to tie the knot together and truly be by each other’s side forever. Typically things go wrong, cold feet happen, something outlandish happens, and well more often than not the result can either be the wedding goes through or someone is left at the altar. Again with anything, its all in execution and several shows has done the sitcom wedding right. How I Met Your Mother’s two part season 2 finale, Darlene’s wedding on Roseanne, Ellie and Captain Awesome’s on Chuck, and Ben and Leslie’s on Parks and Recreation are great prime examples of how you do that right. Even if the sitcom performing the wedding is already outrageous or not so, the wedding episode allows the writers and the show itself to let go and be loose. Its a showcase of straight, downplayed, and broad comedy, as well as nice, heartfelt sentiment. If the episode is truly funny and gets the heartstrings, its done its job well.

Brooklyn manages to get across so much in this episode that only furthers how strong the season is right now and why I can’t wait for season three to come along. Lynn and Darlene’s wedding is heartfelt, but not too heartfelt as its deeply grounded in the world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which actually works to its benefit.

Gina is still upset at how her and Boyle having sex, which he does bring up often, led to this but is genuinely wanting happiness for her mother and Boyle just wants everyone to be happy. The setbacks that occur for the wedding flow nicely together. I think my favorite being Terry not being able to fully perform the vows of the ceremony since he only did it before with members of his local gym, totally buy it, and discover something deeper within him, so Holt is brought in to pinch preach. The way Holt goes to find true, deep emotion in what to say in the ceremony and his look back on his own marriage with Kevin might be the best character work of the whole episode. Its sweet, sincere, and downright funny.


Elsewhere Rosa is asked by Boyle to help Lynn get ready and thus sets off the cold feet portion of events where Lynn thinks he might be going too fast and not ready to go through with marriage again, two of them being back-to-back catfish situations. Boyle does his best to him in Boyle fashion but its Gina that saves the day actually by telling her what needs to be said and actually opening up again. Gina is perfect how she is, but the true moments of humanity with her always add something else extra to how well Chelsea Peretti plays the character.

As for Lynn and Darlene themselves, again I love Stephen Root and Sandra Bernhard in the roles. Their chemistry together and with the respective children feel natural and encapsulates what’s so good about the characters on the show. The vows are nicely done and yeah I felt a little moved. I’m a romantic, what can I say?

Now the other two subplots is what brings the show down. For as many good character jokes that came out of it, the Jake and Amy subplot when they chase down a lead of Amy’s and lose the rings just brings up my worst fears of this season again. Their feelings are brought up again and it gets slightly awkward, thankfully the wedding setting doesn’t make this overbearing but man I want them to get over with that now because I don’t want that to bring down the quality of the show. Jake’s old crush is there and he loses her to someone else. Yeah that wasn’t too interesting either. I hope the show has an interesting idea for this story but man if I have another Jim and Pam thing going on, I’m gonna get slightly agitated.

Rosa also doesn’t wanna bring Marcus because she’s Rosa. Now that could have been great to see her struggle with this big a move in the relationship, but we haven’t seen too much of Marcus to feel like there’s enough of a connection between them. Get more Nick Cannon on here, and I thought I’d never say that.

This is one of the few times this season where the show doesn’t perfectly balance all its stories in an episode together.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine flexes its heart muscles while sometimes forgetting to flex its writing muscles, but it comes out to an overall enjoyable half hour for the show that gets plenty of laughs in and gets to have some fun with emotional beats.


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