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Batman Eternal #48

Drudging along to the end.


Batman Eternal #48
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Fernando Blanco

Four issues to go and we get a filler issue. A filler issue with one major plot point that already has had its outcome revealed. Man this was a pretty bad issue.

Bard wants to get Gordon out but Mayor Hady hops right the fuck out of Gotham just as a riot breaks out at Blackgate and The Mastermind hires Penguin inside to take care of Gordon in there. Well if it wasn’t for Batman: Endgame taking place AFTER Eternal, the cliffhanger of Penguin confronting Gordon would be amazing but its just nothing, nothing at all but an empty ending.

It really frustrated me overall that again, so close and its still playing its cards too close to the chest. Mark my words I believe we’re discovering The Mastermind next week because holy fuck this needs to get done now.

Bard also plays into Steph’s part where she confronts Vicki Vale about not exposing Bard and her explaining he’s just a pawn before getting kidnapped by her dad, but not before she leaves behind the USB drive with the info she has in her office. That went by so quick I had to actually reread that part to make sure it happened.

The most exciting part of the issue is the Batfamily battling with the Arkham escapees since with Hush out of his cell, he actually takes control of the Batcomputer and manages to shut off their tech remotely. That was great as it leads to some exciting fights and changes things up in the middle of it. The battles are also well done by the return of Fernando Blanco’s art who I was delighted to see was the artist on this issue. I think he did another wonderful job here as when he gets on here, action is incredible, characters are nicely detailed, and it just blends well together.

Also seeing Batman spray-paint an IOU with the Batlogo at a airforce field after having to take a jet was just purely hilarious.

Man its really getting to be a chore to kinda read this with it still holding back so much. Step up your game, Eternal!

RATING: 1.5/5


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