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Batman Eternal #49

Give me something to work with here!


Batman Eternal #49
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Fernando Blanco

So with so very few issue to go this book is still beating around the goddamn bush. More or less the same thing from the past couple of issues continues on with the villain battles and the Gordon peril in the Blackgate riot is quickly resolved. Admittedly, it was great to see Gordon out smart and maneuver Penguin and launch an unholy asskicking to him but man that build was shit, but then again, it means nothing knowing Gordon is gonna be fine after all of this. Only other thing is that Alfred gets long distance assist from Julia to overthrow Hush in the Batcave and elsewhere, Steph just scoff off her dad’s offer to join him. Also Batman is hurling at Bane with a fighter jet.

Again so little progression really happens that I’m honestly finding these reviews to be a chore. That’s why its a couple days late, that and I just became an uncle. This book is nearing the end and holy fucking shit we’re still in the dark on so much. It just isn’t working now. All steam has been lost.

Now earlier this week it was confirmed that there will be a year two of Batman Eternal that will have a more centralized focus on Robin as it’ll be that characters 75th anniversary. That sounds fun but now I can officially confirm there will be no weekly reviews of Batman Eternal Year Two as its taking up too much energy on projects I’m working on. I will finish off year one as well I can’t just up and quit now, but also I’ll just review it every ten issues. That to me is far easier.

But back to this issue real quick, writing is just not that good but the art of Fernando Blanco is once again the saving grace of this filler issue. Its still just a lovely to look at and also the cover art by Cliff Chiang is gorgeous. Truly stunning and just a wonder to look at.

Eternal needs to get its shit together and refocus itself before they find themselves ready to cross the finish line.



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