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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Sabotage


I’m telling y’all its a sabotage!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 19: Sabotage: GRADE: B

This week continues the overarching thread of the season by maturing Jake Peralta. For every instance we see him progress, we must not forget, there is still work to be done since the season really isn’t over. It doesn’t mean this week is a step backwards on anything the show has recently done, but its a nice little break along the way. We begin with Jake having some legitimate bad luck at arriving to meetings before he finally arrives on time, only to be told he’s been suspended for failing a drug test. Yes and Jake’s natural conclusion is that he was sabotaged and someone is out to get him. Given Jake’s attitude and how many enemies he has made over the course of the show, its extremely likely and he gets Rosa and Amy on the case.

This week is focusing on Jakes trust issues among others and its okay. I think last week as a stellar installment of the show as a whole that it would be a little hard for the next week to follow up. The chemistry for the three of them is as usual good, but the pacing for them was just off. Of course during the investigation there is a riff that separates them and then reconnection, but it felt all too slightly rushed. The flow just didn’t feel right and it really put Rosa and Amy off the sideline for too long for my taste. We do find out the person sabotaging Jakes is Sophia’s former boss Geoffrey Hoytsman, once again played by Chris Parnell. Hoytsman I’ll say wasn’t high up on my suspects list, but it fits given how crazy he gets when on drugs and hating Jake for simply just doing his job and thus sending Hoytsman’s life into a spiral. The confessions he wants Jake to make are certainly entertaining and garner many laughs, but part of me thinks Hoytsman is better with a one-off, but more Chris Parnell is never really a bad thing.

The plot also of course let’s Jake play out the gun an badge situation which is the best thing about the main plot.


We get some of Jake’s continued development but really this episode is more about Hitchcock and Scully. Yes those two. They are teamed with Boyle to look further into the investigation around Jake and show how capable they are as cop and closing cases. This is their Jerry/Gerry/Terry moment from Parks and Recreation. Always the incompetent goof in the office but secretly a master at getting shit done. We even see they used to be incredibly good at this and when given the chance to shine the spotlight they decline. The hard and fast life of being in the center is too much for out noble detectives. Its honestly the most surprising thing so far this season.

The best plot comes from Terry, Gina, and Holt. While not tellig us anything we already know about them each, its still very funny. Gina recently had a dance recital with her group but Terry and Holt couldn’t make it. Terry tells a little white lie about being there and asks Holt to do that same, but he’s so up-righteously moral he just can’t. Holt’s explanation as to his telling kids about Santa and the such is too good, I can’t explain it here. Just watch it. Gina’s acceptance to know Holt approves of her dancing was a bit much for me and felt like some forced conflict as it was wrapping it up, but again its still the biggest laugh I got of the whole night.


Sabotage isn’t gonna be fondly regarded as a high mark in an already outstanding season, but it still a nice filler episode with plenty of laughs to provide.


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