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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: AC/DC


Jake can’t stop!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 20: AC/DC: GRADE: B

This week we learn that Jake Peralta can’t stop himself from working and that’s sad to me. Sad in the fact I realize how I relate to that given how I’ve given myself so much to do in my own personal life, but I weather it to make sure I accomplish my goals and such. I also liked realizing that through Jake, which is another great facet of the character that gets explored after a month in a half long hiatus. Sidenote, fuck broadcast network TV scheduling. FUCK!

Jake is a guy that wants to be the super awesome badass detective, as evident when he got excited to have a car roof chase in the beginning of the episode which leads us to the episode’s events as Jake is injured, but can’t stop working. He wants to catch his perp so bad that he tricks Boyle into an Atlantic City getaway on a hunch that he could catch him there. Terry wisely says its not healthy to be putting work ahead of everything, which was also an eye opener for myself as I’ve had bad burnout myself, but seeing Samberg play this aspect of Jake is certainly a nice way to keep things refreshing. Jake goes on a journey in this episode to realize there is more than trying to be the cops he clearly loves from the movies. Samberg plays some nicely downplayed physical comedy with how injured he gets and his stubbornness leads to great lines such as Terry telling Jake he’s lost the right to pee.

When Jake owns up to why he doesn’t take time off, its a really nicely done and poignant, feeling guilty over a vacation he took during a case and civilian lives were lost. Its greatly played and Samberg shows again what a great talent and asset he is to this show. Also Boyle’s reaction to Jake having friends before him is the biggest laugh of the night.


Given how good and eyeopening Jake’s story was, is a bit of let down for the rest of the episodes. Awkwardness abound for Rosa and Holt as they’re gonna have a dinner party with Marcus and Kevin, but Rosa might be pregnant. Now there could be great material, if it wasn’t Marcus. Marcus is a character that barely appears and is barely just a recurring character. No shocker its nothing, but if there was gonna be any impact behind this, I would have bought it more were she dating a more prominent character on the show. It leads to nothing really but awkward back and fourth between Rosa and Holt.

Subplot to that subplot, Amy and Gina are invited as buffers. Its oldhat for Gina to fuck with Amy to get her to loosen up even for how good this season is, but there are some laughs to be mined from this storyline that I get such as Amy’s salad stinking up the subway car they’re in and how Amy tries to play casually cool. Really this just was okay.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back for the rest of the season and with how good this season is I’m excited. While not one of the more stellar installments of season two, I did find this a pleasant welcome back for the show and hope it ends out the season on a high note.


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