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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Det. Dave Majors


Jake meets his idol, who then quickly becomes competition.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 21: Det. Dave Majors: GRADE: B+

We’re at the doorstep of the finale of the second season and its not we finally seem to address the Jake and Amy situation. this episode both makes it a highlight. An investigation brings the precinct to work with another one, but more so the best detective in the NYPD, Dave Majors, who is brought to life via guest star Garret Dillahunt who is so welcome in anything at any time. Its hilarious as to how Jake and Amy both vying for Dave’s attention and approval. When you see him, you kinda want to as well. I mean its Garret Dillahunt. He’s so multitalented and ruggedly handsome. Dillahunt fits in here perfectly as any guest star on the show has before, he is no exception here. His cool and calm demeanor and confident swagger is nicely offset by the antics of Jake and Amy but they never really seem to clash which was something I expected to happen, but I was pleased it didn’t.

Their tracking of a joint, baby mask, check cashing robbery case and things go differently when at a private speakeasy bar, which I’m so glad still exists, Dave asks Jake about Amy as he would like to ask her out after solving the case.

Finally its brought back up. The show seemed to have forgotten that since the wedding, which shows how Nine-Nine might be better and stronger with 13 episodes a season. If you’ve noticed, I’m not often a fan of how long network shows can be despite how much I love the ones I love. Jake thinks to stall the case as long as possibly but accidentally ends up solving it. In an honest moment of emotion from Rosa, Jake realizes he has to step up and own up to his feelings while learning that when Amy really likes a guy, she tucks her hair behind both her ears. Jake’s attempts to get back in after learning the password changes each night is hilarious thanks in part to Reno 911’s Cedric Yarbrough being here. Jake is devastated and learned that Amy has a new rule to not date cops after Teddy. Then she tucks her hair behind both ears after Jake leaves.

Part of me was never against this story as long as it was well handled but when the show did what it does best with character interactions and building, they seem to forget how often the Jake and Amy love aspect came back up and while great moments came from it, its a bit jarring to see it back so suddenly before the season ends. Its clear the show will have a pure focus on that, but how its execution goes will have to wait. What we get from it is great and again we got to see Garret Dillahunt on here so I am very happy. The jokes came out of this from the feces puzzle to the “coolness” Jake and Amy try to put on at the crime scene, there’s still solid stuff here.


Only one subplot that’s how a private security firm wants to bring Terry over from the Nine-Nine. Charles and Gina freak out in how they might lose him and I would too. They both try to figure of ways to make him stay, though Gina seems to often want to sacrifice Boyle somehow. One way was to have frozen yogurt served by Pam Grier, which I’m fine with. It was a nice insight to see how much the Nine-Nine are close knit at the possibility of one of their own truly going away. Gina and Boyle work so well together again as they are a dynamic team together and try to get Holt in on the situation who orders Terry to digitize his case files, but that actually helps in getting Terry to stay. It reminds him of the good he helps do for the community, which is a believable end to the arc, but felt a bit rushed. This too had plenty of good jokes from Terry saying he does love walls and how his massive body explodes a puffy vest, which made me laugh way harder than I care to admit.

960 (1)

From a very snappy cold opening, I was on board with the incredibly solid episode that helps us get closer to our ending of the season, but I am getting nervous as to how Jake and Amy’s resolution or continuation will play into and if I might honestly care about it.


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