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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Chopper




Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 22: The Choppter: GRADE: B+

One of the few problems Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s second year has stumbled with is the fact is its 23 episode order. Many of the great character growth and development, some of it if a little stalled by clearly filler episodes. Filler episodes and can entertaining, but again I gotta make my feelings be known on the struct of about 10-13 episode set like seasons. Many of my favorite shows now have that model and I wish network TV would with more of its shows if it wants to keep up with the likes of cable, Netflix, and Hulu. Really the show this seasons could have made a set focus of an arc focusing on the task force setup to find Giggle Pig, deal with the Jake and Amy situation, and still have classics such as “Chocolate Milk”, “USPIS”, “The Pontiac Bandit Returns”, “Windbreaker City”, and “Captain Peralta.

I say this as the season’s penultimate(!) episode indeed feels like it but I think it’d be stronger with a short episode order, but let us focus on the good we got now as Jake becomes his most coplike. Jake really is on point as a detective this week as an epic case seems to come by the Nine-Nine with four former bank robbers who are prime suspects from a case years ago when they stole $21 million and they seem to be dropping like flies. Jake is excited about the prospect of jumping out of a helicopter with machine guns in both hands and a knife in clenched between his teeth. Of course recovering millions of dollars too.

This episode also brings us the return of Chief Wuntch and I never knew how much I missed her until her and Holt’s first interaction in the episode.

Wuntch: “Hello, Raymond. How do you like my new office? 20th floor.”
Holt: “Yes, I never thought I’d see you this high up without a broom under you.”
Wuntch: “Enough niceties. Have a seat.”

Love it. She then gives all the requests they ask for which of course makes Holt hilariously paranoid as to her motive behind this and makes the case so much more important as she can officially have their asses if they fail. The way the case plays out is great as its wonderful to see the show be a great comedy, its also a very good cop show. It was a thrill to see this case play out and honestly it could have been perfect for the finale but the stakes and height of it are felt here.

A great moment comes in how much Holt needs this solved. He sees the failing of it as what Wuntch wants and he doesn’t want that since the Nine-Nine was his one chance since working in the public relations department. He needs this and its great to see Braugher play serious here again as it just shows what a great talent he is with his range. Then he gets hilarious again when getting right in the thick of things with Jake and Boyle and riding in the chopper is a series highlight. Alas the case is solved and for solving it, Wuntch promotes Holt to Head of Public Relations. Her plan was for her to succeed all along so she can promote him to make sure he doesn’t do police work again.

I feel more weight here with Holt possibly exiting the precinct than I did with Terry the previous week. This could really change everything and how its handled in the finale I can’t wait to see.


The only subplot this weeks deals with Terry trying his best to get his twin girls into a prestigious pre-school. Its nice and holds up the episode well but I didn’t get as much out of it. Laughs came from Gina getting involved in school gossip, kids getting excited over a dead body, and Rosa suggesting just getting one kid in and swapping them out. Sadly Terry’s wife rejected the idea. There are nice character beats that are hit but I didn’t see this holding up as well compared to the main plot of the episode.


The Chopper sets up events for the season finale very well and gives it some high stakes and from the looks of it the Jake and Amy situation will be resolved, but hopefully that’s not handled poorly as I now have more stakes in what happens with Captain Holt.



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