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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Johnny and Dora


The times they are a-changing for the Nine-Nine.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 23: Johnny and Dora: GRADE: A-

Well here we are and man I was kinda sideswiped by this one. Expectation was that going into the finale of the second season would all be about getting Jake and Amy together, but that wasn’t the case.

Jake and Amy are awkwardly put on an assignment which requires them stake out and trail Brooklyn’s most prolific identity thief, Michael Augustine. More awkward is when they have they follow him undercover as an engaged couple at a restaurant. This provided some nice laughs, such as coming up with the names Johnny and Dora and their fake backstory. Really its also a good showcase on the talents of Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero together. Its a great balance of awkward comedy and good timing of lines.

Now again I’ve stated I really hope they have some plan for this to work and honestly we still don’t know. We don’t seem to see them become “official” as it were and honestly one problem of this is how their friendship is centered around being weird and awkward, but still having a mutual respect for each other. I’m interesting how this will be tackled in the upcoming third season since the Boyle and Gina secret relationship this season was a highlight and showed how they could balance two people in the precinct being together and make it work. The writing in relationships on this show, both romantic and non romantic, are a big part as to why the show works as well as it does. Its the characters bond with each other from all these year and the sparkling chemistry of the cast as well. However season three goes with Jake and Amy, I’m now more curious and confident about it now since we last got major hints of it in the wedding episode of the season.


Elsewhere Boyle and Rosa might become a thing next season. Its Rosa’s birthday and she wants to celebrate it about as much as you’d think, but Boyle seems to be up to something. She things Marcus wants to throw a surprise party and Rosa really does get upset by this, thinking Boyle doesn’t even really know her at all, but of course he knows all the little things about her, even that she just wanted Lorelai to be happy at the end of Gilmore Girls.

Boyle and Rosa was funny for a bit last season before you realize really how creepy it is with Boyle going full Boyle as its not just funny when characters are that infatuated with someone, but the latter half of season one and season two as a whole has gone out its way to correct that and they are really just a pair of great fans, but the real notice of a future comes when it turns out its an empty bar rented out by Marcus so they are alone, but its Boyle’s idea. The look on Rosa’s face says plenty, but she shakes it off enough to give him a hug and for her to be called Roro. Boyle earned that one and you all know it.

The main source of conflict and really the meat of the episode comes from Holt’s possible leaving of the Nine-Nine and he only has told Terry and Gina as he trusts them to steal letter that’s really more a MacGuffin to help save his job against Wuntch. Once again the dream team of Terry and Gina prove comedy gold and go right to work after Gina puts her phone on airplane mode, which means serious business since she doesn’t even do that on airplanes. The highlight of hilarity comes from Gina distracting a birdwatching receptionist as Terry tries hard and amusingly fails again and again to open it so fuck it, he just lifts it up and carries it out with them and I had to pause because I started laughing for five minutes straight afterward.

As also mentioned before the addition of Kyra Sedgwick as Wuntch has proven to be not just a great antagonistic force for Holt, but really more so the Nine-Nine with the way she’s gone after Holt and the precinct’s performance, which using resources for such things as the Jimmy Jab Games and the events of Halloween II, its understandable. Her back and fourth with Andre Braugher always is a highlight and their talk in the interrogation room and Holt’s office is no different, but its the exchange in the office that changes everything.

Wuntch leverages the entire careers of everyone in the precinct should Holt refuse the promotion that would force him to leave in addition to the letter. Its a great setup that comes from no where and really adds nicely done drama to the situation and more so when Holt announces he’s leaving where he even starts showing emotion that makes Jake beg him to go back to be robot captain with awkwardly done robot noises from Holt. Gina just ups and leaves with him so there’s now two missing components to the Nine-Nine gone. Alright really one, but we all know Gina is kinda the glue of the whole damn place.


The season ends with possibilities all around from a Holtless precinct, to a brand new captain that leaves us on a cliffhanger, new loves popping up, and what will the future now hold for Gina as she goes on and rules the world? Season three is already set up for loads of things to come and I’ll be waiting here to see what happens.




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