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Tube Talk: Tyrant: Faith


Bassam struggles to make it home and we get Sammy.


Tyrant: Season 2: Episode 3: Faith: GRADE: B+

Sammy is a focus here and that’s a problem. Now as much as the writing of the character bothers me, the acting for Noah Silver does too. He just doesn’t leave that much a presence on you when he’s on screen at all and part of that is due to the writing, but also Silver himself. All there is to the character was that he used to be in the closet and is out now. There was a moment where they seem to let him really try and grow as a character by admitting to Molly that he’s avoiding his father’s death, that he felt like Bassam didn’t like him as much as he let on and that he didn’t feel the same for his father. Again it feels a little too little too late, but any character can be redeemable with good writing. Then once he finds out he’s the sole inheritor of $100 million, he’s an entitled little prick, nothing new from his time in Abbudin, and is at the Ferrari dealership with his boyfriend. Sammy has an arc now this season. Hopefully this comes to the conclusion of a wakeup call of what a shit he’s been. Also Emma is here because we needed her for something.

Not true, it turns out the Al-Fayeed inheritance would go to the next male heir and she of course reminds us its 2015 and well she got cut off fast by Sammy saying she would settle down with a nice guy with a good job. Nice job there Sammy, dick. Is there gonna be any purpose Emma serves this season? Like at all?

Speaking of Molly her conflict does bring about the title of the episode faith. She and Bassam took religion off the table with raising Sammy and Emma and with all that’s happening in her life it makes sense she would fall back into her old faith to help give her guidance and comfort from what is going on around here and its nicely done. With a show like this handling religion, it could either be very respectable or go pretty damn wrong, thank fully we get the first option here. Though the implication that Bassam prevented her from it seems odd and a bit out of character for Bassam. What I got from it is that they wanted to raise their children their way and let them decide their own path. The ending scene of this story with the prayer around the breakfast table is excellently done.


Speaking of the Saran gas, yes Tariq carried out the gas attack he proposed without the acknowledgement or authority of Jamal which sends him a bit over the edge as seen by damn near choking the life out of Tariq. Jamal is rightfully pissed. The attack caused the death of innocent lives, Tariq’s betrayal, tarnished public image, and of course to the eyes of many, living up to the expectations of his father. Jamal of course does serious damage control with the Chinese and of course the public by putting up a huge wall of lies, the only truth being he had no acknowledgment of the attack being carried out, instead it blaming it on hidden chemical weapons of Ihab’s. Leila handles her own part of the fallout and really stood out for the first time this season so far. Her own image of Abbudin that she had been building towards is in complete jeopardy. Her visit to the victims made for a great scene of honest and genuine humanity when she spoke of a blinded young boy, but then gets confronted by Halima, a now formally peaceful student activist that confronts Leila in front of the past then throws (presumedly her sister’s) blood on Leila and stormed off. As if seeing all the victims themselves didn’t shake Leila’s word and foundation, that certainly did it. Leila as mentioned has her own vision for Abbudin, but seems more caught up in it to realize what really is going on and finally realizes. Her look towards Jamal at the en over a game of charades speaks volumes.

Speaking of Jamal, this helps to really flesh out Abbudin and the attack changes many people. People are now starting to question Ihab’s method of resistance to Jamal and the government considering they now have lost family themselves in the crossfires of this and its not so surprising how it comes after Ihab’s failed assassination attempt on Jamal. Its great to see more of Abbudin this season and how the constant conflict affects all of its residents.

Alright finally to the main point, Bassam find refuge with the Bedouin family who is of course worried they are harboring a fugitive, which the oldest son seeks to mean, MONEY BITCH, but that goes nowhere. Bassam struggles to fit in and we even see him getting back to his Muslim faith by the end of the episode and finding himself with a semi-permanent residence, but that’s kinda not that interesting. We know Bassam is gonna find his way into the resistance and this seems to be stalling until that moment happens. Even when seeing himself with an out such as sneaking over to Lebanon and maybe calling John Tucker, who is confirmed to be off the show, so long Justin Kirk, Bassam’s one weakness comes out that is is hubris to think he’s the one person that can really change Abbudin. He could change things, but the way he sees himself in doing so is a glaring fault in him about how he just seems so far and distant from his family, only thinking of what was best of the country and taking his brother down. Staying focused on Jamal will not be Jamal’s downfall, but Bassam’s as well.


Tyrant so far has been able to keep up great consistency this season so far as it ramps up more and more tension. All the characters are nicely set up and hopefully now the pieces move to where they need to be.


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