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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Dolce

HANNIBAL -- "Dolce" Episode 306 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter, Gillian Anderson as Bedelia Du Maurier -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

Time for dinner.


Hannibal: Season 3: Episode 6: Dolce: GRADE: A

What an episode.

This week immediately picks up with Hannibal getting patched up by Bedelia who bid farewell to each other. Hannibal of course laments how he will miss Florence and probably won’t be back for a while, while Bedelia already has a plan in motion to separate her from Hannibal, heroin. Yes taking a note from Hannibal’s time with Miriam Lass, she shoots up and uses it to cling to her assumed identity of Mrs. Fell when Jack and Will come around. Gillian Anderson’s performance of this was incredible. The character arc that the other good doctor has gone through has been engagingly fascinating since her first appearance. Sure Hannibal has been pulling the strings, but she’s very much been in control of everything too. That control is why I think she just didn’t straight up kill Hannibal when healing his wounds in the bathtub. She may have said she was observing, but as evident by the moment from the premiere and now, she is as much a participant with Hannibal.

Bedelia is as right as ever with Hannibal’s enemies closing in on him. Jack, Will, Chiyoh, and Mason.

But let us talk about Will and Hannibal. With Hannibal coming to an end soon I will safely say the friendship/antagonism between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham will go down as one of the best, most fascinating character interactions in all of TV. ITs one of the big catalysts of the show and its about how this interpretation stands out from adaptations of Red Dragon and Manhunter. Its stood out greatly from them. Bryan Fuller’s vision fully brought new dimensions to the characters and his confidence in it and casting of Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy.

The twisted ways in which they both show love and respect has been fascinating television. Then again the nature of the show itself, they really can’t just be straightforward, more so Hannibal himself. They are enigmas of people that only they can understand which is why the civil discussion they have at an art gallery is a great moment in the show where they recognize what they love about each other and yet realize they are blurring into one another, as evident by how they are still trying to do each other in. Hannibal by eating Will, Will by trying to straight up kill Hannibal.

When Will does his attempt, Chiyoh snipes a bullet into his shoulder which helps to put into motion the climatic events of the episode where Hannibal lures Jack towards them as well so they might all share one last final meal together, Will’s brains. Oh yes we were already getting to that, but seems things are cut short by the other person wanting Hannibal brought down, Mason Verger.

Speaking of Mason this week the scenes in Baltimore got creepily engaging. To begin with, Mason wants to have a child and speaks of it with Margot, who coyly reminds him he stripped away her uterus, but Mason also brings up she could still have a child with him. Now Mason Verger has already supplanted himself as one creepy bastard but an incestuous child with his baron sister to keep the family name alive, weird. I was so happy to see Margot back and in a much bigger role this episode as I still find Katharine Isabelle perfectly cold and calculating in the role, both aspects which come out in spades this week by being able to buy off the police force in Florence to get Hannibal and using Alana.

HANNIBAL -- "Dolce" Episode 306 -- Pictured: Caroline Dhavernas as Alana Bloom -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

So to get right to it, Alana and Margot have sex. It seems the biting sexual tension and play between the two earlier in the season got noted, but also seems like something from the start and as is with Hannibal its a trippy scene. We’re made well aware of what’s happening several times during the visually shot scene which is shown through kaleidoscopic imagery and angle, that also convey vaginal imagery, probably the first and only time that’ll be said on here. Margot is using Alana for her own needs in wanting a child, which thinking of that did make the scene creepy in a while, but really its honest character motivation and understanding. Alana is even using her and Mason to go and bring Hannibal down, as well as Mason as revealed and discussed post sex. Alana’s drive for vengeance has been a huge plus for the show this season. She is a character of broken pride who wants to gain it back through the change she’s gone through and closure, then again who wouldn’t change after being chucked out a window?

Speaking of the ladies of Hannibal I should mention Chiyoh’s scene with Bedelia where they both lament on having been birds locked in Hannibal’s cage. Chiyoh’s revenge quest is kinda in the background, but not for long I think. Part of me believes she’s gonna factor into next week’s events at Mason’s farm. She has unfinished business.

HANNIBAL -- "Dolce" Episode 306 -- Pictured: (l-r) Joe Anderson as Mason Verger, Glenn Fleshler as Dr. Cordell -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/NBC)

This is a highmark for Hannibal. The plotting, pacing, characters, visuals, everything works. I think knowing the show is ending makes the sense of finality feel ver real not just for the show, but the story, though given we’re about at the halfway point and it seems that’s how we’re getting our Red Dragon, maybe a good thing though, part of me thinks that could go through season four. Lets hope the series wraps up well since its been reported that Amazon and Netflix have passed on picking up the show.


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