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Tube Talk: Tyrant: A Viper in the Palace


Tyrant spins its wheels.


Tyrant: Season 2: Episode 5: A Viper in the Palace: GRADE: C

Tyrant this week started out with a tightly shot and edited opening that picked up on events of last week’s ending with Abu Omar, Ihab, and the rest of the Army of the Caliphate coming to Tal Jiza and show that they will bring the fight to Jamal. The Caliphate really is this week’s shot in the arm of an otherwise kinda standard Tyrant episode that kinda lost my interest throughout most of it. They are the more fully realized analogue to terror groups than the show as done before. When it was Ihab as the leader of his own group, its was intriguing from the more personal side as it was about avenger his father while also wanting change within his own settings. With Abu Omar this is the more radical approach and has awaken something deep in Ihab himself. This works everything you’d expect from something of the likes terror groups around the world from filmed executions, recruiting Western Muslims, conscripting men who they just “liberated”, and taking others women for themselves, all of which happens during their time.

The Caliphate also serve to even more so than when Ihab was leading the resistance in Abuddin show the black and white side of what their doing compared to the ongoings in Abuddin. Really they seem more crazed about this than Jamal from last season might have been. The fanatics of the Caliphate will now provide the season with a clear focus on its main story.

The appearance of the Caliphate gives Barry the push he needs to get out of the village and gets a tag along with a wife of one of Abu Omar’s officers. Their journey is both a plus and a positve this week in the development of Bassam’s characer. Its brought up how really he’s best at running away. Running away from his family to help others, running away from his family to protect them, running away from there, he’s great at going in the other direction and while I’m glad his time in the village was seemingly cut short it wasn’t doing much for him as much as I had hoped when the time came for that to happen, yet it also made him realize he needs to stop running. After helping the runaway get to the Lebanon border instead of him Bassam seems like he’s going to finish what he started, which promises to be great since he’s unaware of the change of heart that Jamal has had since leaving Bassam in the dessert.

maxresdefault (1)

As said that’s really all the excitement there was for the week. We seen that Molly and company have arrived in Abuddin, with no Emma, which begs the question, is there even really anything for her to do on this show anymore?

Jamal is even more disappointing this week as he just scowls and Tariq for what he did in making things a lot worse with his meddling. Jamal realizes how much more he needs the illusion of being a good leader as the oil fields begin to open up. Really his story doesn’t amount to too much this week and while slow down is nice, with Jamal he’s a character that feels like he needs always needs a fire to put out each week and we barely got a lit match in this episode. How Jamal will deal with the Caliphate remains unseen, but I believe it’ll lead him to once again embrace his inner demons and become crazed again. Stop at nothing to hold on to his power. It’d be something.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.45.50 AM

Tyrant suffered its first real blow in a while with this lackluster episode. While it gives the main story a kick in the ass, it couldn’t hold up the other weaker stories of the episode, one of which just got thrown in at the last damn minute. Tyrant stayed in one place this week and hopefully can get moving again next week.


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