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Tube Talk: Hannibal: Digestivo

HANNIBAL -- "Digestivo" Episode 307 -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

One story ends so another can begin.


Hannibal: season 3: Episode 7: Digestivo: GRADE: A+

Lets get this out of the way, NBC is a bag of dicks. The reason this review appears now on this Sunday aside from the usual Friday is because in addition to NBC canceling the show, they decided to move it off to Saturday nights for the rest of the season to burn it off. FUCK! So he NBC, just fuck you. You seriously over the past few years have shown how to mismanage what a good thing you have because this latest Hannibal episode is a wonderful highlight as to the ending of one storyline and what could in of itself be a great ending to the series itself.

Digestivo really is an ending to the ongoing story we’ve been following for a while, much to the point that this episode itself could function as a series finale in some odd way if it were to end now, but starting next week we will now have six episodes featuring Francis Dolarhyde AKA the Red Dragon, but really we should focus on the here and now and the end of one Mason Verger.

This week was all about the conclusion of the narrative this season had set up in the second season from the moment Hannibal fed Mason his own face, and to Will’s dogs as well (a moment that is one of the few they deeply disturbs me among the show). The opening of the show, shot expertly well by episode director Adam Kane, shows us just how Jack and Will got out of eating Will’s own brains before being brought back to Maryland at Muskrat Farm and it only gets crazier from there and one thing becomes evident, Mason Verger really knows how to go out with a bang. He plans to eat Hannibal and keeps him tied up like a pig, gonna take Will Graham’s face for his own, and even puts Margot’s eggs into a large pig. Man I’m kinda gonna miss him, but he’s served his narrative purpose here. As stated Joe Anderson has stood in incredibly for Michael Pitt this season and taken over Mason with such force that he quickly out did him.

Mason’s hubris and obsessions did him in, particularly his obsession with reproduction. More than alluded to a few times, reproduction and lineage has been a bit of a recurring theme on the show, but not one of the major ones until touched upon with say Abigail or the Vergers. The reveal as to where Margot’s eggs are was certainly a shock and in another one of the few things to unsettle me from viewing Hannibal, they show them removing it only to discover it is stillborn. The glee in Mason’s face when Margot tells him she found the surrogate is delightfully sick and twisted, but the joke is on him as with the help of a freed Hannibal, stimulated Mason’s prostate via a cattle prod. So congrats to Margot and most likely surrogate Alana! Mason’s very phallic symboled pet eel helps do him in as he’s drowned. Like Alana said, Mason played with his food and gave it an opprotunity to bite back.

HANNIBAL -- "Digestivo" Episode 307 -- Pictured: Joe Anderson as Mason Verger -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

Speaking of Alana she has her confrontation with Hannibal before the events of doing in Mason and helps to further show what amazing character development she has had this season. There he is tied in a cage, pocket knife in hand, and only Margot as the witness. Yet her humanity is somehow intact. She wanted to do in Hannibal to save Will, a fact she brings up to Will herself when they have a little chat at the dinner table. She’s forced herself to getting on Hannibal’s level so that she can finally be in control over him and hold his fate in her hand, but knows that Mason is the worser evil here. The moment in which she lets him go is so beautifully stated in that Alana could never have understood Hannibal.

Hannibal and Will are free from Mason and have one last therapy session. These last few minutes to me could honestly be a satisfying series finale. Will is finally able to let himself out of the cage that he’s built for himself and lock Hannibal away in it. He no longer wants contact or thoughts about the good doctor. For three seasons now we have seen these two on the opposite side of a coin and now they are no longer that. Hannibal knows time is able and willingly surrenders himself to Jack when he comes by Will’s home to arrest him. Its a pretty lovely moment actually that shows the growth and progression of the character, especially from this season alone. Hannibal has always been one step ahead of so many people, letting them believe they were in charge, but now they are. Hannibal is the pawn. The scene that Will and Hannibal have is exceptionally well written and perfectly shot and directed beautifully. It gets across so much in so little that it still pains me to see how less of a shit NBC could give to its finest program right now. Its maybe my favorite scene in the entirety of the show.

Even Chiyoh is now free, admitting there are some beasts that can’t be caged to Hannibal after admitting he ate his sister, but didn’t kill her. But deep down there has to be some part of her pleased that Hannibal will now be locked in the same sort of cage he made her look after.

HANNIBAL -- "Digestivo" Episode 307 -- Pictured: Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC)

Hannibal breaks its narrative in half now for the season for the next six weeks the great Red Dragon is coming. Where the show goes in that direction remains to be unseen but hopefully with these final six episodes we get something truly memorable.


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