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Tube Talk: Tyrant: The Awful Grace of God


Well things don’t go quite as planned.


Tyrant: Season 2: Episode 7: The Awful Grace of God: GRADE B

So killing your best friend’s daughter I think ranks high up there as one of the most awkward conversations one can have. While not quite a bottle episode, Tyrant’s main story for the episode functions as that and I think the show could make something like that work, but I doubt we’ll get back to that since I really can only see about another season or two at best for a show like this.

Bassam’s attempted rescue of Daliyah wasn’t going to go well so I was looking forward to how it might go south and it was better than expected. I thought Jane and maybe we’d get more character insight to her but I got that and more with Samira. Mor Polanuer has been a fine fixture in the show by the side of Ihab Rashid and conflicting with the peaceful ways of her father, but this week we really got to know why. Really with nothing to do they all sit peacefully, well as peacefully as you can get with a radical fanatic holding a gun at you. Samira’s motivations have been murky before but by letting her open up, it giver her much more depth than before. He always had a different view from her father about changing things, but she was about peace until the gas attacks really set something off inside her. She disapproves of the Caliphate’s actions, but she doesn’t see that as any worse than the other options. She makes the statement about being either inside or outside a cage as it refers to places in the world and she clearly is on the outside to make sure the Al-Fayeeds join the rest of the people out of the cage.

Bassam’s attempts in further trying to reconnect are all for naught until as mentioned, said killing. In just straight leaving Bassam is shot in the leg and stabs Samira in retaliation.  Adam Rayner beautifully plays up the sudden realization and grief of such a situation and gives this already heavy plot more weight once he realizes what he’s going to do when word gets to Fauzi. Its things like this that have turned Tyrant around into something immensely watchable this season. The tension and implications of this storyline are perfect for expertly done drama.

Though Bassam might wanna hold off on thinking of Fauzi as they are attacked via air strike from Rami and the fact his identity is now known to Daliyah. Oh the implications.

maxresdefault (1)

Meanwhile Jamal is one step closer to losing it after Nusrat has a miscarriage and a hysterectomy on top of that. Jamal starts believing this bad luck is from his haunted visions of Bassam, blaming himself for the loss of his grandson. Leila does her best to comfort him but we know that there isn’t much she can do aside from fanning the fire before it completely spreads out.

Speaking of Jamal, he got played by Sammy. Sammy opens the episode to get his money and in a brief moment of good writing for the character, plays to Jamal’s sense of family. Its something that really allows this character to work and open up, do more than what he’s usually doing. He’ll get the money overtime in small installments and shack up with Abdul. Well until its revealed the Caliphate have killed all its gay prisoners. Well I was briefly happy, maybe an end to Sammy’s story. I was too hopeful. Seeing Sammy deal with his death gave the character some growth until he got approached by a member of the Red Hand and coax them into helping them finance their own rebellion on the Caliphate themselves. So much like a kid would in this situation, he doesn’t think of its consequences and agrees. Goddamn it, Sammy, you had one moment to turn yourself around!

Meanwhile Molly and Jimmy finally fuck and I got nothing. There really hasn’t been much to this whole story this entire season and I really wasn’t that invested so I got nothing to say other than, well that finally happened.

TYRANT -- "The Awful Grace of God" -- Episode 207 (Airs Tuesday, July 28, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Adam Rayner as Barry. CR: Adrienn SzaboÕ/FX

Tyrant has great tension on one side to hold up its weaker side. With so few weeks left everything is coming to a front.


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