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Tube Talk: Tyrant: Fathers and Sons


Things start to change.


Tyrant: Season 2: Episode 8: Fathers and Sons: GRADE: A

With a title like Fathers and Sons, you expect both fatherly instincts of Bassam and Jamal to be explored. Well we get more of that with Bassam as Sammy discovers that the leader of the Red Head is his father just as I discover that’s what Bassam’s resistance is as Bassam secretly gains the trust of Jamal and Rami Said. PLOT LINES ARE COMING TOGETHER!

Sammy finally has a confrontation with his father and for once the writing around the character holds him up as interesting. He’s just actually good. Minus that stupid line about how he thought he was a disappointment but said he realized it was his father. That line sucks, the rest of the encounter doesn’t. Sammy actually seems to show some goddamn maturity in this scene that really hasn’t gotten across at all this season and we’re now neck deep in with about five episodes to go for the year. Sammy and Bassam’s exchange at the end of the episode is thick with tension and simmering with such animosity. This instantly made this the best overall episode of the show in a long while. Sammy shows strength in confronting his father and breaking down his reasoning for not coming back to him, Molly, and (the I assume still alive) Emma. Sammy’s calling out gives me such hope that the character can finally get some good storytelling aspects beyond what we get here. Seems Abdul’s death was necessary to get Sammy to get good. Adam Rayner even plays up how tormenting his character might feel very well here and even gives a subtle look that he knows he might’ve been in the wrong too about his reasoning of not coming home to America. He seemed more like a father to Munir when he had his breakdown earlier in the episode.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.39.41 PM

Bassam can’t avoid all his family. He calls a tip into Rami as to the Caliphate’s main location. Even Bassam is aware of this and says, “One devil at a time.” He seems to be a great potential ally for Bassam on the ground. Though because of this Jamal is keeping a closer eyes on thing and getting more hands on in the decision making of military strategy.

Speaking of Jamal his slow grip on losing sanity continues. His opening scene talking to God with just him in the scene as we track along with him is stellar. Fantastic cinematography, great tension, and brilliant writing. Jamal’s vanity is out of control to think God would cause this many deaths as a lesson to teach you. Even Leila put it best to him, “God has better things to do than punish you.” He his talk with Bassam, I mean Khali, even has him leading to trust him because there’s something about his voice, expertly helped covered up by a cloth. Bassam always is gonna be at the center of Jamal’s head before they meet again face to face.

Also Jamal’s paranoia seems to lead him to think someone is working against him from within the palace. This show knows how to put tension on top of tension.

Elsewhere Nusrat is met by Leila and given a chance for a life outside of the Al-Fayeeds. She is broached with a divorce from Ahmed, her instigating it would hurt less it seems since Ahmed needs and heir, a male heir and Nusrat isn’t gonna be able to give any heirs at all. Leila also offered her financial insurance as to wherever she goes. This was harsh, but also feels right to the character and how it would be the norm for this situation to happen in Abbudin. Leila may have ben harsh but she was also kind in her offer. No answer is immediately given, but it would seem like a smart idea for Nusrat to take the money and run, but I feel like this isn’t the last we see of her. Many still thinking of her possibly hooking up with Rami. Its a great new story that can add a lot to the show.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.39.29 PM

Tyrant raises its tension up full stop and gets ready to converge many people on the same path for a huge explosion.


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