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Tube Talk: Tyrant: Pax Abuddin


The uncertain future of Abuddin.


Tyrant: Season 2: Episode 12: Pax Abuddin: GRADE: A

For all of its bumps along the way, Tyrant certainly turned things around in this second season and now I’m left here wanting at least one more season given the events the finale leaves us on.

The ending of the finale is much like the show, uncertain as Bassam tries to save the life of his brother Jamal after a fatal shooting by Nusrat, guess she’s really out of the will now.

The bulk of the finale is the rift between Jamal and Bassam. Bassam finally seeming to have his life back on track and ready to go home despite being wanted by the people of Abuddin to lead the country just as it seems Jamal is finally going to be brought down. The highlight to be any scene involving the two, but more so their reunion in the hotel. Its played out exactly as it should have been. Jamal’s affectionate nature, carrying on as if nothing is wrong, but Bassam having rightful anger at him since he has discovered what’s happened to their mother. This perfectly showcases the journey both men have been through. Jamal becoming more calm and collected despite his brief descend into unhinged madness and Bassam realizing his purpose in protecting the future of his homeland. Its really incredible and speaks to the development that both characters went through to be better than how they were with season one, specifically Jamal who is the MVP of this season. Ashraf Barhom and Adam Ryaner have encapsulated their roles and played them in so many layers. Their scene when Jamal signs the confession on the gas attacks plays nicely as well to how even though they really shouldn’t depend on each other, they always will.

To continue with the acting praise, Moran Atais again gives a remarkable performance as Leila where she continues to run the gambit of emotions as the long suffering wife. Even had the balls to admit to Jamal that she’s testifying against him. No fucks left to give. She’s given this character many sides as well, but not all of them good. She even turns the conversation she and Bassam have after Jamal signs the confession into how she’ll use this to keep herself floating.

So much is packed in that I’m amazed many things got wrapped up. Bassam and Molly’s reunion was played just absolutely right for the level of emotions it would produce seeing lovers back together and Ahmed and Nusrat’s resolution felt organic to their characters as well.

TYRANT_S2_KV_15_07_2015_192d_hires2_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

As for Daliyah well things are lingering and not really solved too much, but I’m okay with that since it seems if there will be a new season the cliffhanger will keep things rooted in Abuddin for the time being. Daliyah was a great addition to help Bassam stay grounded in his mission and help him hold on to his humanity which is his greatest strength. They are bonded together by helping each other survive, but I think honestly it should stay that way. Bassam and Molly are great for each other, but that’s just me.

But back to that final scene which weirdly could work as an ending to the show, but there’s just too much you want to see after that. Jamal makes his speech of resignation, but that produces evidence of Tariq ordering the gas attack and begins to start beginning a rant, but Nusrat shoots him several time after learning how he might not serve as much judgment as she’d like. That is natural to her character even her arc from the beginning and not surprising she would do it, but it was surprising watching it as I wasn’t expecting it to go down, but its was needed to help give the season one last shock. The moment where Bassam tries to save him and Leila insisting that he let him go is brilliantly played and in character of the both of them. The framing and composition of it stages the ending perfectly. Again it leaves Jamal’s fate as uncertain as the show’s is right now.

TYRANT_S2_KV_14_07_2015_083d_hires2_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

Even Jamal going off the handle like that was in character for him since it felt like with all that happened he was gonna slide back into mad Jamal again after being reeled back in.

TYRANT_S2_KV_14_07_2015_178d_hires2_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

Whatever the future may hold for Tyrant it certainly looks bright with a better grasp of storytelling, character development, engaging drama, and jaw dropping turns. Tyrant should be able to have at least one final third season to wrap things up, maybe a fourth, but it certainly knows where it wants to go and hopefully it gets to reach that. Tyrant already wins my award for biggest TV turn around of this year.




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