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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: New Captain


Things are changing.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 1: New Captain: GRADE: B+

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is clearly always ready to shake things up and accept changes that it has set up for itself and thus is the case with the return to its third year on the air.

The premiere picks up right where the finale and it just goes head first into Jake and Amy which works. This episode wastes no time getting them truly together and I love that. Jake and Amy figuring out what they are happens over the full course of this episode and that’s the best decision the episode could have done instead of needlessly dragging it out over the course of episodes. They go out on a date, have great sex together, and their secret kiss is outed to their colleagues. They say they’ll try to just be friends which would ring as a goddamn cop-out, but then like second later decides that it bullshit. Safe to say the writers of this show know exactly what they are doing. In an attempt to keep things light and breezy for them, Jake and Amy have done the opposite and that is most wise. I was afraid coming in this would be just horrendous as now its out there and the will they-won’t they would dominate what is essentially a fantastic ensemble comedy series, but New Captain proves that will not be the case. Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero play this very well and their officially has no affect at all on their chemistry together which if anything got better because Jake and Amy are officially dating. Would could have been the shows downfall is now one of its strongest aspects.

As for Boyle, he’s basically nothing but a Jake/Amy shipper for the episode, but still gets good laughs in such as continuing his obsession with shampooing other people’s hair and psyching Jake up to go see Amy towards the end. That’s not all bad, it means Boyle is still a blank slate for the year and could start fresh at any moment. Last year’s secret affair with Gina was a great move so I’m interested where he could go for now but for this episode its a shame to see him saddled with a one note joke that occasionally stretches outside of its one note.


Oh yeah Bill Hader is the new captain. For an episode titled after arguably the bigger change to the 99, that would be a central focus. Its a bit of a secondary one, but a good one. Bill Hader comes in as a very work obsessed captain who’s all about efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. Hader’s wild approach to Captain Dozerman is outstanding and gets huge laughs whenever he was on. Even his quick liking to Jake kinda worked. But he’s not around for long and how they close the door on his character is really good. Hader plays Dozerman is a very strange man and for the world this show inhabits, he fits right now.

Dozerman was a bait and switch for who the real new captain is, The Vulture, who just strides into the briefing room in one of the most pompous ways possible. Dean Winters plays the moment up very well that shows he’s not going to make things easy and Jake’s displeasure ends the episode on the right note.


Now we come around to Captain Holt. One thing is clear by his subplot, this show needs Captain Raymond. The decision to keep him where he is for now is smart since I really wanna see Vulture’s Nine-Nine now, but also the readiness of the show to full sale accept change. Holt will fight and claw his way up through the ranks and get back to where he was.

Holt and Gina, the human form of the 100 emoji, are now within the P.R. department under the thumb of Wuntch where he treats Holt like a Fatone instead of the Timberlake he really is. Its seriously taking all my strength to not write five paragraphs about how much I’ve missed Gina’s comedy gold over the summer hiatus. Wuntch being here helps to give conflict for Holt and a goal to attain in getting back to his previous position by overcoming Wuntch and her crazy stunts to halt his career progress and also more hilarious and biting back and forth between Braugher. Their separation from the main cast for this episode kinda wasn’t missing for me as it allows for the two to grow their characters. The writing around their first day is to establish them in their new setting and it really works. These characters didn’t need any change to shake them up, they were already great characters, but this has the potential to make them even better characters now. This show is really smart in handling its characters.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns fully charged and much stronger than one would expect given where we were left off last spring. Its a wholly confident show that knows what its doing and is more than ready to charge right on into its new settings. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I’m glad your back.


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