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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Funeral

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Jake and Amy are here to stay together.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 2: The Funeral: GRADE: A

Brooklyn Nine-Nine moves head first into this week still boasting it Jake and Amy pairing as the main story for what is a really stellar episode. While still boasting an incredible ensemble, the Jake and Amy relationship now is helping to set the tone for not just season three, but the series itself now and right now it still feels like the show we love, yet still different enough.

The episode is centered around the funeral for the (not so) dearly departed Captain Dozerman of last week. Funeral are big things for shows when a beloved character on the team or someone important to a character falls down. Having Dozerman be said corpse means there’s not a whole lot of emotional stakes for the crew and it can allow for as many interesting situations as possible which the show uses to its full extend, even fleshing out more of Dozerman himself as a character that in a weird way even wraps his short arc up, and makes him a worse person than thought of. I mean just ask his wife or the many prostitutes he slept with on fishing trips. The most existential and deep we get is from Holt and Terry. Holt with still dealing with his new position and how his visit back to the 99 made it clear its not his ship anymore. He didn’t even sniff the bouquet of his wine and notice it wasn’t in a burgundy glass. Braugher again plays straight deadpan humor well while balancing his honest emotional feelings, which also makes for small laughs. Holt feels connected and wants to try and get that connection back. Dozerman’s death reminds him of that. When he and Gina come back, there isn’t some work stoppage, but just business as usual. What its all about is being remembered or no longer wanted or needed, be it forever or even after a week.

Terry is upset his favorite mango yogurt is discontinued. Yes really. Terry and Holt sharing a drink helps make this the instantly memorable thing that it is for their continued amazing chemistry and well how loose Terry Crews gets to be. One drink and he’s flying thanks to his kids and oh I’m so happy again that the show is back. Their morse toasts to Dozerman give a great capper to their stories in the most apt way possible for this show.

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Oh Jake and Amy, our main focus. Well their relationship is already put to the test when they plan to try and win over Captain Vulture, but thanks to Scully’s butt dialing he over heard it and tells Jake that he needs to break up with Amy or get demoted to beat cop, so they try their best to get him on record to show to higher ups his abuse of power but there is always something foiling them being vengeful bagpipe players or the hilariously awkward situation of learning about Dozerman while upsetting his wife. Jake and Amy’s relationship might seem to soon for a all is doomed situation, but its not about being doomed just because of a simple demotion, its about still figuring this out in correlation to their jobs. No way the relationship would be immediately doomed one episode after they successfully get together. Their chemistry is still so strong and Jake’s eulogy to Dozerman/speech to Amy is a nicely poignant moment when they think all is lost. Holt does save the day by appealing to Vulture’s narcissism which definitely means Jake will does his Holt impression at home with Amy.

I will say having Jake not go full douche to bond with Vulture is something I hope can still happen. Dean Winters is kinda really playing at as Dennis Duffy from 30 Rock as a police cop, but bringing some differences to it, plus Dean Winters plays douche so well, its really his comedic strongpoint.

Thankfully for this week the sad proceedings allow for Boyle to be more than a cheerleader. Boyle is a sharing person, that’s one his great characteristics and so to see him have a relationship based purely on knowing almost nothing of each other but just hooking up at department funerals. Gina and Rosa get into Boyle’s head about this since they know it really isn’t the Boyle that they know. He’s a romantic and last season more than proved that. I enjoyed Boyle’s story since it allows him to stretch more than last week and it includes Archie Panjabi. His freak out to Gina and Rosa that is a vegan makes for a hilariously awkward moment when he’s yelling about it (never thought Boyle to be that down on vegans, but kinda makes sense) and be reminded its still a funeral. Paused to laugh for a good five minutes. Gina and Rosa point this out shows that sometimes we get blind to ourselves need a reminder about who we really are.

Also I had no way to fit this in but Scully gets texted his wife is leaving him and Terry tells them to follow that lead to appear sad at the funeral. That was so insensitive it was hilarious.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine mines plenty of great material from a less than great situation that further strengthens the show and shows that there isn’t any need to panic over the focus of Jake and Amy as everyone still shines brightly when the spotlight is on that and still laugh your ass off.


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