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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Mattress


Learning along the way.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 7: The Mattress: GRADE: C+

This particular episode seems to have a good focus on the more serious here with some laughs sprinkled throughout and that works mostly as we explore lessons. See even when we’re fully grown adults who seem to have it all together, we still gotta learn lessons thats the emphasis of this episode is learning lessons and also going further into Jake and Amy’s new relationship.

This episode goes head first in having Jake and Amy work together on their first case since they started dating and it goes smooth then not so smooth. Their main conflict is Jake’s mattress which is giving Amy some uncomfortable nights when staying at Jake’s. He doesn’t want to change that because its Jake. This main story works because of its circumstances since it forces them to question their future together and as detectives. They still work together and can find themselves so often on the same page despite being mentally and emotionally different pretty much all of the time. It also touches on how making the first serious move in the relationship for the other is like the most psychological fucked game of chicken possible. The episode wants us to think Jake and Amy aren’t on the same page which well doesn’t work since e already know that they are and this episode doesn’t do a good job at convincing us they aren’t exactly on the same page. Their fight when its brought up how Amy has told her mom about her and Jake was the most convincing conflict. Taking the first real step in a relationship is making what’s new and fun a very real thing. That’s scary, but also wonderful as Jakes declaration of ordering a new mattress before he and Amy finally catch the criminal they been chasing all episode.

Again this episode is about their chemistry. Things like their mattress shopping montage is fun and shows how in synch they are and a rare use of good music cues for the show. Though their focus once again regards Boyle as their over obsessive cheerleader which is a double edged sword. I hate Boyle being reduced to that, yet Joe Lo Truglio’s line delivery is exception and makes damn near anything funny.


Speaking of Boyle his subplot is weak sauce as he scratches up Holt’s car who was in the wrong yet denies it in parking over two spaces. The most entertaining thing there aside from Boyle actually singing the Charles in Charge when he parks, Gina’s role. When ever a storyline might not click on this show, always count on Gina to make something very fun. Holt’s admittance of guilt is kinda cute, but then just goes an over explanation gag that doesn’t quite really work.

Rosa and Terry also doesn’t quite gel since last week was a lot more of Rosa opening up and this feels like a bit of redux on the character. A majority of Rosa and Terry teams up is them just being the polar opposites of each other which works, it does work, but works better then there is more to it. Not so much here this time, but laughs come through with them this time around as they try to help Rosa’s little brother, from the program, turn himself around. It leads to where you think it might and its not as entertaining as you think it could be.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a bit of a lesser episode with a really nicely enough done A-plot. Its kinda going through the motions here, yet its still maybe the funniest half hour sitcom on any network right now.


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