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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Ava

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 8: Ava: GRADE: A

Well first off Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope this year is a safe holiday for you and that unlike Captain Holt, you don’t need to deal with your ex. Or Tommy Gobbler.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Thanksgiving offering this year gives us not just the season’s best so far, but a true series highlight. This episode moves a breakneck pace that keeps story and character beats moving along nicely. Something this show does incredibly well. Terry’s wife goes into labor, the crashed internet causes case files to be done by hand with family of convicted people angry, and Holt deals with ex-boyfriend Nick Offerman. So much to take in yet it doesn’t miss a beat at all.

The main centerpiece is the birth of Terry’s daughter and thankfully the show does make it a good use of guest star Merrin Dungey as Sharon Jeffords who doesn’t want Holt around given how he makes her uncomfortable and that’s understandable given Holt’s intimidating nature and well placed flashbacks to such instances. I mean he goes about it with any other normal human interaction he has and Terry knows he doesn’t want Holt “fatiguing her vagina.”

Terry’s out to deal with a case, but enlists Jake to be her vaginal Gandalf (Jake’s words and outing himself as a Rings fan) and of course she goes into birth. Sure Terry gets a confession using his own birth to get said result, but the trouble is of course Thanksgiving in New York. Gina certainly is no helping being certainly not a fan of children or really the whole child birthing process itself, which you can’t really blame her. Sure new life is beautiful, but it also gross. As soon as Sharon goes into the birth the episode really kicks into gear and never lets up. There are so many wonderful jokes that just are on rapid fire its amazing I didn’t once during the episode want it to slow down. Its in the middle of a highly stressful holiday with a highly stressful situation that means things are moving fast.

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Its also another great way to have Jake mature more as a person and also thankfully avoid one fear I had in that it would be the Jake and Amy think about children and seriously contemplate the future here since well there literally wouldn’t be any room at all during this episode for it, but also I feel it would kinda just bring the whole show down after we just had a heavy relationship focused episode on them already last week. Keeping that out of the way was the smartest thing next to how they involve Hitchcock and Scully who provide helpful ways of getting all the exhaustive paperwork done, but constantly fuck that up themselves with electrical socket fires and getting one’s arm stuck and broken from a pneumatic tube. But I digress, season 3 so far has truly been Jake’s evolving into a much better person than he is and this episode perfectly captures it with how he handles himself in deal with Sharon’s birthing process, having to think on his toes whenever something didn’t go right and buffering between her and Holt. I also think its because of his relationship with Amy. Again The Mattress last week wasn’t the greatest, but it shows what an impact dating Amy is having on Jake that it shows honest and real maturity for the character. Now we’ve seen him be mature and focused without having been with Amy, but I think it is that now he’s caring a lot more for someone else, its helping him get better. Though he does care for everyone in the precinct, but they aren’t the ones riding him in bed so yeah.


Cool and calm Jake even allows for Holt to contact his ex Frederick who happens to be an OBGYN and gives us more past passive-aggressive Holt interactions. Even better, its Nick Offerman and his glorious beard. Again, jam packed episode and we get a nicely done backstory on his character and how he and Holt were as a couple in such a short time, but I also hope this isn’t at all the last we’ve seen of Offerman on this show. He’s perfectly fitting in, maybe because his talent, maybe because its from the same brains behind Parks and Recreation, lets call it a tie. He comes in and allows for Holt to even improve on himself from last week. Jake’s coolness in this episode shows why exactly he’d be the perfect godfather for Ava Jeffords. I’ll admit, the moment with him, Terry, and Sharon at the end, very sweet.

The rest of the episode is a hilarious adventure. Terry and Rosa’s determination to get back is exciting for where it leads and that is stealing an NYPD motorcycle and riding off to the hospital. Amy and Boyle dealing with the paperwork made for good dynamics between the two and reminded me and most likely the audience of how good they are when paired up. Amy’s amazement at Boyle already cramped up but still doing paperwork makes a lot of sense for how both characters have been developed. They even get Hitchcock and Scully involved as mentioned that fits well within the show. Gina being off to the side is great since she gets to sprinkle in her amazingness and gets maybe my biggest laugh from her reaction at looking at the detailed birth plan. I would have that same reaction Gina. Oh and Boyle opens the show in a turkey costume. Justin throwing it out there.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine moving fast gave it some real legs right now and makes for a fantastic character spotlight. I really love this episode.


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