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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Swedes

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We learn about friendship from Sweden!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 9: The Swedes: GRADE: A-

Brooklyn Nine-Nine keeps hitting a great stride of firing on every cylinder yet again with its latest episode.

Our main focus is yet again how Jake perceives friendship, a theme nicely done last season in Chocolate Milk. Now Jake has been deeply explored with almost everyone in the department. Take Chocolate Milk for instances where Jake and Terry did become friend friends and Jake is now the godfather to his new daughter. Friendship is a key thing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it likes to explore how people differently perceive friendships. Jake is the kind of guy that thinks everyone he chooses to spend his time with is his friend and what better place is that examined than in a police precinct? Jake likes to think he and Rosa are friends and while having some nice moments together, its mostly been centered around work and not actual friendship. Rosa is a tougher customer to know for Jake than Terry is since Terry loves being open. Rosa isn’t gonna tell Jake she broke up with Marcus, outside of Holt of course, or that she’s seeing someone new (Tom from the library).

Jake is genuinely hurt that he doesn’t know that or that much about Rosa aside from their time together in the police academy. Friendship with characters on TV shows can be easy to assume in a workplace setting like this, but what this does is show how that really isn’t always the case and its sort of that thing in life. Having the complete opposite of Swedish detectives coming over to work on a linked case was a good way to showcase that with well caste guest stars Riki Lindhome and Anders Holm. Now they work exceedingly well together in their roles and with Andy Samberg and Stephanie Beatriz. Sure it comes to the conclusion that they are honestly friends, but maybe a bit more could have been done and I am slightly disappointed that the case being a jewel heist didn’t give Jake any jewel heist like puns or action movie scenarios to do. Finale maybe?

The charm of this main plot is how it Samberg and Beatriz sell it which they do and Lindhome and Holm make the best of their screen time as their polar opposites. Its perfectly crafted.

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While we’re still on friendship, we see more of that developing between Holy and Boyle as Boyle is brought in as Kevin’s replacement for a squash tournament to make sure he and his husband can threepeat as champions. Me I’m more than fine with this since it means Andre Braugher and Joe Lo Truglio working together. We know how Holt is with pretty much everyone else and getting to see how his is with Boyle allows himself to open up, such as not indulging how super competitive he is, which matches well with Holt’s desire to win, but the flashbacks show how much crazier Boyle is and watching Lo Truglio go nuts is great. Its a great way to further trademark how intense a character Boyle is, that and suggesting Jake put a baby in Amy for their six month anniversary (convenient time jump to match up with real-time).

But that is why Holt chose him, his intensity and also how he sees his value as a great detective to the force, but Boyle is self-conscious when it comes to Holt for how intimidating Holt is as a person. I’m always up for more of these two together since its lead for great development these past few weeks.

Elsewhere Gina is having trouble struggling with trying to pass an astrology exam is cute and nice for what it is. It certainly does feature many laughs from Terry and Amy’s interpretive dance to explain it to her after she already passed it, Terry being at the same gym as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gina not know who that is, and how much Neil’s benches. Note, more than most of us might. ITs just psychics.

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The show gets a boost from its Swedish friends to keep things hot in the cold winter months. This show continues to get better.


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