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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Hostage Situation




Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 11: Hostage Situation: GRADE: A

Well first off, welcome to 2016 and I promise to get my site as more active as I can with my other pursuits this year, but now, lets get back into Brooklyn Nine-Nine which has now moved on to Tuesday nights. This I didn’t know until last night since the only Fox shows I watch live are well this and Bob’s Burger. Thankfully this is on after The Flash so right now, no compromises.

Anyway, given the episode we left on in 2015, it would have the title Hostage Situation or we’d have a tense episode that would allow for some more seriousness in addition to the fun on the show. Nope, the hostages are Boyle’s sperm samples in the hands of vindictive ex-wife. Welcome back Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I did miss you.

We return with Boyle and the spotlight and starting to do better yet again by the character now as things are still great between him and Genevieve. They even shared a scarf when Charles goes off to work. Now they seem to be wanting to have children together and naturally Jake steps in to  see if that’s really the best idea right now, but we all know Boyle will go right through it and Genevieve too, which is what makes them such a great fit for each other. He sets his eyes on something, its gonna happen and Jake knows this too. But thanks to an accident in the field, which included Boyle’s crouch getting sacked over and over again, they can’t seem to do it all natural, but years ago Boyle had sperm samples set aside for such a situation. Great! But his horrible ex-wife, Eleanor is holding his sperm hostage from cold storage in order to use his influence as an NYPD officer to help her out.

Now having Kathryn Hahn play Eleanor is perfect because Kathryn Hahn is. This is a grade A performer and its no surprise she shows up here given her appearance on Parks and Recreation, but she’s a great talent with a wide range, but damn it she succeeds in comedy. She plays a great mean bitch in this episode and her back and forth in playing off of Samberg and Lo Truglio shines brightly. A situation like this reminds us how empathetic a character Charles Boyle is despite how he could be seen as a sad sack sort of character, well at least early season 1 Boyle, which speaks to how strong his writing has gotten after the first season one and what a great performer Joe Lo Truglio is. This was the episode that reminds us why we love Boyle the way he is and why. He deserved much better than Eleanor and got it. Boyle’s marriage to her can be seen as a sort of building block to the man we see now. A marriage to someone like her might break someone, but it strengthened Charles into finding a much better love after that crazy divorce in where Boyle is friends with Eleanor’s current husband, Hercules, they go to spin class together. Boyle gets to finally have the moment he never had and standup to Eleanor and have a moment of empowerment. Its endearing to see and well earned, but this could have used more Kathryn Hahn. I’m holding you to bringing her back show. DO IT!


Now its a Boyle centric episode, but this first episode back really utilizes all of its ensemble and that is when this show really clicks. First up is Amy and Terry who are put to great use together. Now this also does something great that Parks and Recreation did and that is make us interested in both their personal and professional lives. We honestly want to see everyone succeed and so we root for Amy to make it up to Terry after she breaks his nose in his selfdefense class while needing his recommendation letter for a great detective mentorship program. Terry does reminds us how much a great detective Amy is and their moment to end this subplot is definitely earned when they get to have a nice chat, even through a plot misunderstanding contrivance had to happen. Its earned and shows us more of these people.

Even the Holt/Rosa/Gina subplot shows that too when Gina is brought in to talk to a suspect because they went to school together and understands that crime’s kinda cool (not really, any law enforcement people who happen to read this). Its unlikely but Gina even really cares about her job too and deep down does for Holt and Rosa and wants to do a good job in helping them out. All these stories help keep the show deeply grounded and our characters as well.

Hell even Hitchcock and Scully get to be used and their scenes are great and Captain Holt break dances. I had no real way of working that into the review, but I think you and I agree we all needed to know that and see it.

Also the end tag of Boyle and Genevieve coming across Jake’s dad when looking at sperm donors is too damn funny.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes into 2016 with yet another great installment that puts everyone upfront and makes them work, has jokes firing fast and furious, and reminds us why we do truly care for this ragtag group of law enforcement. Its an episode that ranks to me personally as one of its best episodes.


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