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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9 Days and The Cruise

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Hey I’m writing it now so, yeah.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3

Episode 12: 9 Days: GRADE: C
Episode 13: The Cruise: A-

These past two episodes have been all over the place with our first one being a more than standard affair and the next week offering a familiar, yet welcomed structured episode. Both are some slowed down one off affairs that do have their moments. I know some shows will often repeat themselves and I’m not against that, not everything can be a stellar and outstanding episode as I’ve said many times before. Just gotta be sure to throw in some really good material though and Brooklyn Nine-Nine really does do that.


With 9 Days, the subplot becomes more interesting than the main plot. Jake tries to keep Captain Holt some company while Kevin is away so he digs up an old cold case and in the process accidentally contract mumps so we can yet again have Holt and Jake bond. By this point they already do have a solid and structured friendship and partnership in the precinct based on respect and the beats are just as familiar, but there do come highlights such as when they get worse and worse with their mumps, even poking each others swollen neck glands, which was the biggest laugh I did get out of the episode.

Again the Jake and Holt plot is fine for itself and does have a nice resolution and speaks to how often people might feel when someone does something or just hangs around them for out of pity. Some will be thankful, but others might feel like you see them as some sort of charity case and to them that can be demeaning. Both sides get their appropriate reactions as to their character, Jake being a nice guy who does want to help and Holt as a man of incredible pride to not show any weakness. Its okay.

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The real highlight comes in Terry being in charge as a way to really get him ready for the lieutenant’s exam and that’s the better part since it highlights some really good character and plot advancement for Terry and is the first follow up of that we get since Yippie Kayak. Terry of course must deal with Hitchcock and Scully’s hunger strike over a meatball sub despite, potato chips don’t count since no nutritional value, and Boyle mourning the loss of this dog. Hitchcock and Scully were the funnier thing, I barely got a good laugh from Rosa bossing Boyle to get his work done. His grieving process feels real to him, but the jokes kinda just didn’t stick for me. Particularly the sealing dog collar in a air tight bag. That was just too weird for me. Rosa getting a puppy, great though.

Terry’s uneasiness is set perfectly here as he tries to ready himself for this advancement in his life that feels strange, yet he was more often than not shown he’s a more than capable leader. Terry is a strong, compassionate man, but its easy to see his nervousness. Its a big step, but even thought Terry is dealt a bad hand, he’s gonna be more than ready thanks to the wise words of Gina.


Now as to more familiarity, Doug Judy AKA The Pontiac Bandit. His episodes are like say the Halloween episodes, the different perspective episodes of Scrubs, The Tammy episodes of Parks and Recreation, or almost any Christmas episode of anything ever, there is a structure that is always follows. With episodes featuring the Pontiac Bandit, Jake and Doug bond despite differing moralities, Doug cons Jake, and gets away before being arrested. Its old hat, but is really always welcomed here given the ball of charisma that Craig Robinson is and how he bounces off so well of not just Andy Samberg, but Melissa Fumero too who sends them two free cruise tickets since someone is sent from Doug’s old crew to kill him at his new job, Caribbean cruise lounge singer. Of course to highlight Robinson’s musical abilities, but you don’t see me complaining.

But Doug calling upon does do something for the plot in that it is also advancement of Jake and Amy’s relationship. They clearly love each other, but of course its a while before the big L word is even said. Jake instead says “noice” and/or “smort” in response to the emotional moments of this relationship. Speaking to Jake’s child like senses sometimes and how often he really does need a poke in the ass to move a inch closer to maturity, especially given how Amy has a full itinerary planned out while Jake wants to lay in bed and eat a lot of shrimp (a man after my own heart). The scenes of the trio are obviously the highlight of the episode and provide the biggest laughs from proper shuffleboard terminology to how they find the hitman himself. Its solid work all around and does lead to the conclusion of Jake and Amy saying “I love you” to each other in one of the kindest and sweetest moments the show has ever done.

Now also you’d think the episode would be a trilogy to close things out, but the ending doesn’t and I do believe that to be deliberate as the show knows it doesn’t feel like it, there is no sense of finality to the Jake and Doug saga and I’m happy about that since it means more Craig Robinson. It leaves us with enough fun to keep us hanging for next time when Boyle will be involved since Doug and Jake are so similar and a best friend off between Boyle and Doug would be too goddamn good.


Back mainland, we get Captain Holt’s sister. Holy shit there are other Holts! Holt’s sister is very open and loud unlike Holt and even better, played by Niecy Nash. I love this so, so goddamn much I can’t believe it even happened. What works is their opposition as to their approach to what’s going on with them, but what’s going on with them brings them closer together. Sending Kevin away has actually done wonders for the character development of Captain Holt and both episodes have that in common. Its opened up a whole lot of avenue, including being more emotional and showcasing yet again how goddamn amazing and much needed to the world Andre Braugher is. Braugher and Niecy Nash also happen to have great chemistry together and I welcome any chance to bring Holt’s sister back.

Boyle and Rosa sadly are yet again saddled with the least interesting angle, though it is better, each of them fighting over the apartment of a recently deceased woman and sucking up to the landlord. Not bad and actually provided a much better use of them, but paled in comparison of the two much better plots of the episode. It feels more fleshed out, but again in comparison to what just came, its okay.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine uses a well-rounded, character focused and advancing episode to follow up a bit of a lackluster one. Season three keeps going along!


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