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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: S3/EP 19-20


Another double header!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3
Episode 19: Terry Kitties: GRADE: A
Episode 20: Paranoia: GRADE: B+

Confidence can be a pretty powerful thing. Its what helps me do a lot of things and have no shame about a lot more things and being a police officer, well I imagine that takes pretty big confidence and such is the case for everyone in the 9-9 this week.

First up is Terry. Terry is sad because once again his old pals from the 6-5 send Terry a kitty and becomes upset there’s a kitty near him. Back in the 6-5 Terry was trying solve a case to do, well just about anything and he screwed up big time by not realizing his main suspect had a broken spine and in the moment tried to pin it on the cat to save face, you can tell that didn’t happen so Jake decides he’s gonna help Terry solve the case so this stops.

What I like most about this is the shakeup to the Terry and Jake dynamic. See with their team-up episodes, its alway Terry reigning Jake and helping him mature a bit, here its Jake helping Terry because Jake doesn’t want his friend to be sad. It actually brings a lot of their previous adventures full circle in showing how Jake has matured, how much they’ve become friends, and the infecting kindness of Jake himself. He’s willing to do anything for his best pals and it shows nicely and also even makes their dynamic even better than before. I can safely say that this is my favorite Jake and Terry story for that and also how goddamn funny it is.


It also opens up Terry even more. Now he’s shown his vulnerable side before, but not like this. Terry obviously prides himself on his job and how damn good he performs it, so to be continuously emasculated over a past mistake by Matt Besser’s perfectly dickish Detective Holderton, its gonna get to the big guy and you just wanna hug him.

Again the chemistry between Andy Samberg and Terry Crews benefits greatly from this. The timing is sharper, the jokes funnier, and the believability of their pairing much more believable thanks to their previous adventures together. Jake certainly got a show highlight with him screaming like a banshee on the ledge and even getting to really use his detective skills to good use in solving that case that makes sense. He also names all the kittens after Die Hard because, of course. I also wanna give props to him for his delivery discovering just how much crime is in the city and suggesting no one live in New York.

But of course as well, Terry Crews excels and fleshing out his character further with a great sincere honesty and delivering laughs. His blaming the cat in particular.

So Terry returns to his alpha status by episode’s end and well he’s not the only one feeling their alpha status in question. Now everyone on the show does see themselves as an alpha towards what they do and well they are. Everyone rightfully pries themselves on their jobs, but confidence as said at the top was key to this episode.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: L-R: Terry Crews and guest star Matt Besser in the "Terry Kitties" episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, March 15 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

Rosa and Amy are great at being detectives and Holt is a brilliant captain who isn’t a tank, I loved the cold open for this episode. They pride themselves so much on their work so its no surprise that they seem to have a competition amongst themselves in a bomb diffusing exercise, which Hitchcock and Scully attend only for free lunch and somehow pass because they aren’t petty, just hungry. It wasn’t that at first until Holt perfectly got all cocky and braggadocios when finishing ahead of Rosa and Amy after they made up from his “words” of wisdom. The result that they all failed is nicely humbling and sobering so that it reminds those involved they are their own alphas in their own respect. Hitchcock and Scully: alphas at eating and doing the bare minimum. Never change guys.

Meanwhile the show’s constant beta, Boyle, offers to help Pimento and it of course backfires, Bole as the beta works and yes, he has show his alpha side before and its worked, but he’s a beta, a role that suits him fine and makes his alpha moments all the better and worthwhile when they happen. Of course he needs Gina to help him out once he realizes living with Pimento, who has been camping out in the break room, is a terrible and frightening idea. He admits his beta role, yet gets to go alpha in manipulating Gina to being his beta and helping him. Her reaction to it and Boyle’s reaction to her reaction towards the end helps to make this another great installment for the show.

Boyle knows how to play the game and its entertaining when he does it. Entertaining as much in the fact that Jason Mantzoukas is still around as Pimento and wonderfully fitting into the show. I love it.

This is another installment of Brooklyn Nine-Nine at its absolute finest with proper character focus and having fun with its settings and surroundings. Also props to the staff for letting Melissa Fumero be in a full shot in the bomb squad outfit while still hiding her pregnancy at the same time. Genius!

960 (1)

What started as a fairly standard, but pretty damn good Brooklyn Nine-Nine suddenly changed the game up for the final moments of the season and its all thanks to Adrian Pimento.

Alright just to get to it, while hunting down a perp involved with their drug case before catching him, Pimento asks Rosa to marry him and of course in the most casual manner possible, Rosa says yes. Ah true love, ain’t it grand? So yeah and all of a sudden the episode centers around their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Back to Pimento now who Terry doesn’t trust for being as unstable as a brick in the running washing machine and how protective he is of his precinct, and more importantly his friends like Rosa. Terry will do anything for anyone and for the sake of Rosa and Jake’s persuasion to join the party. Well someone’s trying to kill Pimento and our dude crew is out to find out who it is.

On both sides of the coin, there honestly is a deeply sincere love that Pimento and Rosa share for each other. The laughs have been there ever since their pairing, but now we finally got a chance to see it blossom just as Pimento is seemingly on his way out and I honestly don’t know if he’d even be a presence in the recently renewed show for year four, but I hope he is.


Again we get to see a lot more of Rosa and Pimento gets some great development too. Their goodbye scene has a genuine feel to it. They really worked it well and Jason Mantzoukas and Stephanie Beatriz are excellent together.

This was a heavy story and character driven focused episode with out any subplot in sight, just the characters, minus Holt at the end, and how they deliver the story. Now the jokes mostly work, but for me it was more about the drama for this particular episode.

Now the comedy was great mostly for Rosa’s maid of honors, Amy, Boyle, and Gina to throw all their style of bachelorette parties to please Rosa and man the crew worked overtime to really hide Melissa Fumero’s pregnancy belly. I will say Amy’s party is the funniest since they all try to guess what her first words were and if they were wrong on any answer they take a shot. Suffice to say, they get hammered and its hilarious. Also a few of Pimento’s randomness spewing out is also good for a chuckle.

Now on one hand I do find the sudden introduction on a serialized storyline this far deep in the season jarring, but its also hopeful to me in how Holt rallies everyone to help find out who is after Pimento and rally around a heartbroken Rosa, who I think might steal the show a lot more now with this focus on her character. So far all we got is that he’s an FBI agent within a crime organization and has a noticeable scar on his hand.


This basic set-up episode works far better than you expect and the last scenes do well to help sell it and also the believability of the closeness of everyone over these past years sells it. Ready to see where this goes.


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