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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bureau

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 22: The Bureau: GRADE: A+

What works about a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the confidence it has in itself from what stories it wants to tell and their characters, also which ones they put into any given story, with the world they have established. Last week we saw a pretty messy example of how the show can be, but this week bounces back by firing on all cylinders and having interconnected stories that help ramp up the Pimento storyline as we head into the end of the season next week. Everything works better here than last week, which I admitted in my review was mostly to be setup, so now with setup out of the way the show can do several things its best out. Great guest stars, terrific character development, jokes on jokes on jokes, and a lovable, amusing charm.

Amy in prison continues to really work, but now all the other storylines in the episode work with it and help add urgency into the proceedings and one way to getting help from inside the FBI with Bob Anderson, Holt’s former and equally deadpan partner who is played beautifully by Dennis Haysbert and this is the greatest comedy duo I never knew I wanted until I saw them. Haysbert is effectively Holt 2.0, but with his own sense of gravitas thanks to his admittedly more booming voice and size, but Braugher still stands tall on his own here. When Braugher and Haysbert play off each other its comedy gold and leads to some of this season’s biggest laughs and one of the better uses of a brief flashback that perfectly helps to sum up each character.

Like many other guest stars, Haysbert comes in and gels with everyone immediately. He fits well into the tightly written script for this episode which centers fully on the operation, but also balancing side stuff that utilizes everyone in the cast. Such stuff such as the giddiness of Jake getting to perform a heist inside the FBI to Boyle being in the worst situation possible to Gina simply being Gina to Rosa’s toughness and of course Hitchcock and Scully.

The heist sequence being a particular highlight with its planning from Jake attempting a pull-up to Holt being schooled on Sex and the City by Gina to distract the desk jockey at the FBI and Rosa being a yoga master. It all works well to connect back to Amy being able to setup Maura with Boyle to help get info, but hey what do you know, Genevieve calls at just the wrong time to let Boyle know their adoption went through, yet her heartbreak still leads to the info needed. Of course this comes after they already catch the guy who is in a coma, but also discover Bob Anderson is also in Figgis’ operation and holds Holt at gunpoint as Jake and Rosa call to warn him.

Now that adds something even more important to the storyline and leads us into the finale with great connectivity and high stakes.


Now on the side, yet still organically connected is Terry trying to find a leak inside the precinct after its arrest numbers show up in the paper early. Terry is on a manhunt with Gina by his side and after a frustrating, yet hilarious exchange with Hitchcock and Scully, thus revealing they are pretty much the only friends they have to each other, Terry becomes more dedicated, yet when he’s needed in the Pimento operation, he gels with it organically.

Now when he comes to suspect Gina, it sets up some really good and brief drama, but the briefness of it doesn’t hurt since Gina does remind him and us as well, it seems she might not take her job seriously, but she cares about it and is pretty damn good at it and feels personally hurt when Terry says that about her. They are friends and pretty close, but they doesn’t mean its all sunshine and rainbows, like most relationships. Terry and Gina work so well whenever put together, no matter the situation.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine rebounds with one of its best episodes ever and not just me being thankful it wasn’t like last week’s messy episode. I truly think this is the show at its best for all the reasons listed above. We’re all ready now to close out year three next week. Happy ending for all? We can only hope.


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