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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Greg and Larry

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See you next fall!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 23: Greg and Larry: GRADE: B+

Now our season finale balances a lot much like our penultimate episode, but it has a bigger task of wrapping it all up, closing the season, and setting up its upcoming fourth year this fall and I think it does slightly falter under that, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

We do pick up right where we left off in discovering Bob is a traitor and the rush from everyone, including Amy and Boyle, into getting to Holt in time and thus begins our first act with wacky hospital adventures which is some good stuff with, especially when we see what Bob and Holt were talking about before the discovery of Bob’s betrayal. Goddamn can those two make the most mundane sounds amazing. Its pretty thrilling and does further carry over the stakes from last week and heightens the tension. Jake and Terry’s escape in particular with how they stay on target and outwit Figgis’ men.

Joke after joke comes firing with hitting character beats that feel dead on, particularly Hitchcock and Scully either licking whatever substance they see in the hospital or taking their shoes off and laying in an empty hospital bed because of course. Its all great work that nails home how far we have come to know and except them of these guys, yet because of who they are its still very funny thanks to their timing and chemistry.

B99_Greg_Larry_SC29_JPF_0031_f_hires2_FULL []

With Amy and Boyle getting out of Texas is relatively easy thanks to the fake pregnancy of Amy after a hilarious goodbye to the ladies on her prison and the genuine worry and concern she has not just her friends, but the face that her boyfriend is in immense danger. Its really a nice moment that allows more range for Melissa Fumero and yet again shows how far their relationship has come. Boyle plays a great straightman in all of these and plays off her very well. Though their plane ride could have been a bit tighter as it does actually clash with the pacing back him and it doesn’t gel so well. This is where the plate spinning in the episodes starts getting wobbly.

We get to Rosa’s apartment, which is the opposite of Rosa, oops, I mean “Emily Goldfinch” and alter ego “Rosa Diaz” (Please get to that right away in season 4) and sets the stage perfectly as the highlight of the night comes from the interrogation of Bob and how everyone takes their own approach from Jake trying to ruin jazz (bastard) to Terry and hypothetical kids to Gina complaining about her cousin with lyme disease. The editing is perfect and gives each segment just what they need so its not worn out at all, but make me question why Hitchcock is wearing what he’s wearing. My mind is gonna be focused on that for far too long.

And much like last week, we get a well thought out plan that is reliant on several things, mainly team work from a fake sniper to get the info needed. Happy day right? No.

Now this is where we get set up for next year. The team celebrates, Figgis in the wind meaning Pimento is still in the dark, and Jake and Amy moving in together (we had just had to get cheerleader Boyle in there one more time apparently).

Well that is until Figgis calls Jake and threatens his and Holt’s life. Cut to Florida one month later as Holt and Jake, I mean Greg and Larry are residing next door neighbors. Witness protection was not where I though this would go, but honestly I’m kinda excited to see where it goes. This can present a whole new level of drama and actually allows a smooth bridge into the fall. One thing this show does well, connected the seasons together. Though this time there isn’t so much tied up resolutions as before, its still all very much in the air until our September return. Now how the show handles that is to be seen.


A less stronger season than last year, but still enjoyable in all the best ways possible, Brooklyn Nine-Nine really excelled in year three. It kept things fresh when needed and even when they relaxed on laurels sometimes, it was a bad thing since more or less there were still laughs. Hitchcock and Scully got an episode and it was pretty damn good.

I found development this year strong. Jake and Amy were a true, believable couple, Holt got added dimension to him, Boyle went up and down but for the most part was good, Rosa opened up more, Terry matured more, Gina stayed the best, and Hitchcock and Scully ate. Nothing else more I’d want from the show.




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