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See you next fall!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 23: Greg and Larry: GRADE: B+

Now our season finale balances a lot much like our penultimate episode, but it has a bigger task of wrapping it all up, closing the season, and setting up its upcoming fourth year this fall and I think it does slightly falter under that, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

We do pick up right where we left off in discovering Bob is a traitor and the rush from everyone, including Amy and Boyle, into getting to Holt in time and thus begins our first act with wacky hospital adventures which is some good stuff with, especially when we see what Bob and Holt were talking about before the discovery of Bob’s betrayal. Goddamn can those two make the most mundane sounds amazing. Its pretty thrilling and does further carry over the stakes from last week and heightens the tension. Jake and Terry’s escape in particular with how they stay on target and outwit Figgis’ men.

Joke after joke comes firing with hitting character beats that feel dead on, particularly Hitchcock and Scully either licking whatever substance they see in the hospital or taking their shoes off and laying in an empty hospital bed because of course. Its all great work that nails home how far we have come to know and except them of these guys, yet because of who they are its still very funny thanks to their timing and chemistry.

B99_Greg_Larry_SC29_JPF_0031_f_hires2_FULL []

With Amy and Boyle getting out of Texas is relatively easy thanks to the fake pregnancy of Amy after a hilarious goodbye to the ladies on her prison and the genuine worry and concern she has not just her friends, but the face that her boyfriend is in immense danger. Its really a nice moment that allows more range for Melissa Fumero and yet again shows how far their relationship has come. Boyle plays a great straightman in all of these and plays off her very well. Though their plane ride could have been a bit tighter as it does actually clash with the pacing back him and it doesn’t gel so well. This is where the plate spinning in the episodes starts getting wobbly.

We get to Rosa’s apartment, which is the opposite of Rosa, oops, I mean “Emily Goldfinch” and alter ego “Rosa Diaz” (Please get to that right away in season 4) and sets the stage perfectly as the highlight of the night comes from the interrogation of Bob and how everyone takes their own approach from Jake trying to ruin jazz (bastard) to Terry and hypothetical kids to Gina complaining about her cousin with lyme disease. The editing is perfect and gives each segment just what they need so its not worn out at all, but make me question why Hitchcock is wearing what he’s wearing. My mind is gonna be focused on that for far too long.

And much like last week, we get a well thought out plan that is reliant on several things, mainly team work from a fake sniper to get the info needed. Happy day right? No.

Now this is where we get set up for next year. The team celebrates, Figgis in the wind meaning Pimento is still in the dark, and Jake and Amy moving in together (we had just had to get cheerleader Boyle in there one more time apparently).

Well that is until Figgis calls Jake and threatens his and Holt’s life. Cut to Florida one month later as Holt and Jake, I mean Greg and Larry are residing next door neighbors. Witness protection was not where I though this would go, but honestly I’m kinda excited to see where it goes. This can present a whole new level of drama and actually allows a smooth bridge into the fall. One thing this show does well, connected the seasons together. Though this time there isn’t so much tied up resolutions as before, its still all very much in the air until our September return. Now how the show handles that is to be seen.


A less stronger season than last year, but still enjoyable in all the best ways possible, Brooklyn Nine-Nine really excelled in year three. It kept things fresh when needed and even when they relaxed on laurels sometimes, it was a bad thing since more or less there were still laughs. Hitchcock and Scully got an episode and it was pretty damn good.

I found development this year strong. Jake and Amy were a true, believable couple, Holt got added dimension to him, Boyle went up and down but for the most part was good, Rosa opened up more, Terry matured more, Gina stayed the best, and Hitchcock and Scully ate. Nothing else more I’d want from the show.




Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bureau

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Operation 225641441636324 is well underway!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 22: The Bureau: GRADE: A+

What works about a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the confidence it has in itself from what stories it wants to tell and their characters, also which ones they put into any given story, with the world they have established. Last week we saw a pretty messy example of how the show can be, but this week bounces back by firing on all cylinders and having interconnected stories that help ramp up the Pimento storyline as we head into the end of the season next week. Everything works better here than last week, which I admitted in my review was mostly to be setup, so now with setup out of the way the show can do several things its best out. Great guest stars, terrific character development, jokes on jokes on jokes, and a lovable, amusing charm.

Amy in prison continues to really work, but now all the other storylines in the episode work with it and help add urgency into the proceedings and one way to getting help from inside the FBI with Bob Anderson, Holt’s former and equally deadpan partner who is played beautifully by Dennis Haysbert and this is the greatest comedy duo I never knew I wanted until I saw them. Haysbert is effectively Holt 2.0, but with his own sense of gravitas thanks to his admittedly more booming voice and size, but Braugher still stands tall on his own here. When Braugher and Haysbert play off each other its comedy gold and leads to some of this season’s biggest laughs and one of the better uses of a brief flashback that perfectly helps to sum up each character.

Like many other guest stars, Haysbert comes in and gels with everyone immediately. He fits well into the tightly written script for this episode which centers fully on the operation, but also balancing side stuff that utilizes everyone in the cast. Such stuff such as the giddiness of Jake getting to perform a heist inside the FBI to Boyle being in the worst situation possible to Gina simply being Gina to Rosa’s toughness and of course Hitchcock and Scully.

The heist sequence being a particular highlight with its planning from Jake attempting a pull-up to Holt being schooled on Sex and the City by Gina to distract the desk jockey at the FBI and Rosa being a yoga master. It all works well to connect back to Amy being able to setup Maura with Boyle to help get info, but hey what do you know, Genevieve calls at just the wrong time to let Boyle know their adoption went through, yet her heartbreak still leads to the info needed. Of course this comes after they already catch the guy who is in a coma, but also discover Bob Anderson is also in Figgis’ operation and holds Holt at gunpoint as Jake and Rosa call to warn him.

Now that adds something even more important to the storyline and leads us into the finale with great connectivity and high stakes.


Now on the side, yet still organically connected is Terry trying to find a leak inside the precinct after its arrest numbers show up in the paper early. Terry is on a manhunt with Gina by his side and after a frustrating, yet hilarious exchange with Hitchcock and Scully, thus revealing they are pretty much the only friends they have to each other, Terry becomes more dedicated, yet when he’s needed in the Pimento operation, he gels with it organically.

Now when he comes to suspect Gina, it sets up some really good and brief drama, but the briefness of it doesn’t hurt since Gina does remind him and us as well, it seems she might not take her job seriously, but she cares about it and is pretty damn good at it and feels personally hurt when Terry says that about her. They are friends and pretty close, but they doesn’t mean its all sunshine and rainbows, like most relationships. Terry and Gina work so well whenever put together, no matter the situation.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine rebounds with one of its best episodes ever and not just me being thankful it wasn’t like last week’s messy episode. I truly think this is the show at its best for all the reasons listed above. We’re all ready now to close out year three next week. Happy ending for all? We can only hope.

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Maximum Security

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: L-R: ndy Samberg, Joe Lo Truglio and Melissa Fumero in the ÒMaximum SecurityÓ episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing at a special time Tuesday, April 5 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX



Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 21: Maximum Security: GRADE: C+

Two things that make this week’s episode interesting is how the two main female detectives take center stage all the while furthering the main plot that’s ending the third season and that’s about the best praise I can really give it. This not a terrible episode, but it is pretty much place setting for the final episodes that does have some of Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz’s best work on the show.

Now the person most likely wanting Pimento dead is the mob boss he went undercover with, Jimmy Figgs so Rosa will be sent undercover to a maximum security prison to get info from her while a fake funeral is used back home to lure out the Figgs’ guy on the FBI and further sell Pimento’s “demise”. Until Rosa gets recognized by someone she busted in Brooklyn immediately and its Amy Santiago to the rescue.

Amy’s plot is a mess and kinda all over the place. First off the bat, they’ve finally said fuck it and are using Melissa’s Fumero’s real pregnancy to their advantage by sending her undercover as a pregnant woman which can keep her a bit more safe and use Jake and Boyle as prison doctor’s to be her informants. Which sounds good, except again, its kind of a mess. The whole story ravels around people not finding Amy “badass” enough and that Rosa is the more fit choice for the role, which yeah, but after all that time together you’d think they’d all see and know how badass and good at he job Amy is. It doesn’t help this is especially highlighted by Jake, which ups this by the fact that they are now officially a couple. But that’s further complicated by how much Jake and Boyle interfere, more on Boyle in a bit, since Jake is somewhat understandably worried about putting his girlfriend such a dangerous situation and potentially compromises the entire operation. Again he’s been around her enough times to know that she can effectively handle herself and thus makes the smart decision to leave the case and have Boyle overlook her since he’s too attached. Its the one non Amy involve part that honestly works thanks to Samberg and Fumero’s chemistry, but it just really quite click so much for the episode.

Now to Boyle, fuck its overly involved cheerleader mode. Part of Boyle’s charm is how overly involved he is and that can lead to wonderful moments and laughs, but given how way into Jake and Amy as a couple he was this year and how much I hated that, imagine my distain once the fake baby is brought in. He gets dialed way past 11 and I can’t stand it. His instance on Amy caring for the baby, her posture, and also of course wanting Jake and Amy to have their own real child, its just not funny and doing nothing for Boyle and Joe Lo Truglio both. Full creepy Boyle is just not funny and part of why he took a while to evolve and shine in season 2.

This episode is funniest when Melissa Fumero is let off the leash and gets to play it up and she does from being prison tough, yet still very much Amy, to telling off Jake to let her do her job, and yeah even beating on Jake to maintain her cover. It does quite work and the ending feels genuine to what she’ll need to do on the inside. Also having to break her sacred oath as a notary. GOLD!


Now the funeral feels a little more balanced and that too is thanks to its central character is Rosa. Rosa has show emotion and her softer side, but funerals, fuck that man, she’d rather be stuck in a small talk conversation. The idea of staging the funeral, paperwork and Hitchcock as Pimento’s corpse and all, the usual, to draw out the inside FBI guy, solid. Stephanie Beatriz gets to really let Rosa shine here as this is the most emotionally vulnerable we’ve ever seen her and truth does come out in her “eulogy” to Pimento. She’s never been a more determined person than before in trying to get her man back and it shows. Of course Terry has to ring it out of her, but hey hard work does pay off, particularly with how Rosa can make herself fake cry. Plus Captain Holt has grown to enjoy high fives now. Fun!

Another testament is in the short time they’ve been together, I seriously love and do buy her and Pimento so much as a couple. Kudos to the writers on that.

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Not one of the show’s better efforts, especially with Boyle, but things are put into motion for the impending finale and the show gets to really spotlight how good its ladies are. Here’s hoping for something better next week.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Karen Peralta

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Happy Birthday, Jake! Time to grow up!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 14: Karen Peralta: GRADE: B+

Maturity has always been the crux of development for Jake Peralta. He fit the leading man-child role many sitcoms tend to have and Samberg played it well while showing what a impressive detective Jake is as well. Jake has gone through major changes over the course of the show and we’ve touched on his childhood before via little touches like his friendship with Gina and the huge influence Die Hard has had on him, but we’ve only gotten one real big development through his dad last season in one of the show’s finest half-hours. Captain Roger Peralta was the apple of Jake’s eyes until he fully and finally saw his father for who he is and thus makes it understandable how Jake reacts to seeing Roger pop backup in his life as a birthday surprise when he though it would be celebrated with Amy and his mother, Karen, played by Katey Sagal.

It really is nice any time to see Katey Sagal as she is an actor that can really put herself into a role and she’s honestly a good fit here and she is a more low-key, but really believable chemistry and mutual affection with her and Andy Samberg that balances well with how high energy and the bigger personality that Bradley Whitford’s Roger is, but more significant is how Jake handles the situation. To be honest how Jake is portrayed in this episode is much better than one could expect. Karen’s optimism is a great counter to how Jake believes he can solve anything and things driving Roger off is really the best idea since Jake is someone who can’t really take another disappointment from him. Jake benefits from the deeper characterization here as we see another side of him in trying to protect his mother, a mentality he has about everyone he works with really. Which is why it does hurt for him to give his father yet another chance to be with his mother, despite knowing it could blow right up in his face and thankfully the anger he feels is nicely fit right into his goofiness. Jake’s willingness to do this for his mom shows that caring side of his.

Jake’s maturity this week also speaks volumes as to his relationship with Amy. A situation like this might also have Jake freaking out if he himself could become like his dad or what this could mean for him and Amy in negative ways, but again the maturity I spoke above of his mentality for those he loves prevents that and for the better. Jake and Amy have always had a great friendship, only now it involves more flirting and naked bodies. Amy even gets great laughs when she is thrown into defusing tension either faking constipation or awkwardly singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Plus her getting hot at Jake quizzing her at her desk seems perfectly in character.


Now whereas Jake’s step forward was entertaining, the subplots were some standard fair. First to get Boyle/Rosa/Terry who successfully apprehend a drug dealer and have concrete evidence via body cam, but Rosa accidentally sees Boyle naked when arrested. Its a small joke and while a nice one, its just an over extended one because naked people are still a comedy cornerstone and always will be. I mean the biggest laugh for me was the best objection ever from Boyle on the grounds that its his penis on the TV. Lets see SVU get that deep! But really body cams are a much bigger plot that the show could easily tackle.

Holt and Gina attend an apocalypse simulator/team building exercise thing and get joined by Hitchcock and Scully. This I’ll admit is the funnier of the subplots given it lends itself to some more jokes and feels far more fleshed out and lends itself to more than one joke with Andre Braugher still being the greatest gift of comedy right now and of course Gina, who rode into the precinct on a horse for her last birthday and I want a follow up on that!


While there were plenty of character development, hoverboards, vicious air humping, and nudity to go around, Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week can only stand strong on its main plot while the B and C-plots play catchup, but hey now that we have the Peralta family all here, next Thanksgiving episode?

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9 Days and The Cruise

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Hey I’m writing it now so, yeah.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3

Episode 12: 9 Days: GRADE: C
Episode 13: The Cruise: A-

These past two episodes have been all over the place with our first one being a more than standard affair and the next week offering a familiar, yet welcomed structured episode. Both are some slowed down one off affairs that do have their moments. I know some shows will often repeat themselves and I’m not against that, not everything can be a stellar and outstanding episode as I’ve said many times before. Just gotta be sure to throw in some really good material though and Brooklyn Nine-Nine really does do that.


With 9 Days, the subplot becomes more interesting than the main plot. Jake tries to keep Captain Holt some company while Kevin is away so he digs up an old cold case and in the process accidentally contract mumps so we can yet again have Holt and Jake bond. By this point they already do have a solid and structured friendship and partnership in the precinct based on respect and the beats are just as familiar, but there do come highlights such as when they get worse and worse with their mumps, even poking each others swollen neck glands, which was the biggest laugh I did get out of the episode.

Again the Jake and Holt plot is fine for itself and does have a nice resolution and speaks to how often people might feel when someone does something or just hangs around them for out of pity. Some will be thankful, but others might feel like you see them as some sort of charity case and to them that can be demeaning. Both sides get their appropriate reactions as to their character, Jake being a nice guy who does want to help and Holt as a man of incredible pride to not show any weakness. Its okay.

maxresdefault (1)

The real highlight comes in Terry being in charge as a way to really get him ready for the lieutenant’s exam and that’s the better part since it highlights some really good character and plot advancement for Terry and is the first follow up of that we get since Yippie Kayak. Terry of course must deal with Hitchcock and Scully’s hunger strike over a meatball sub despite, potato chips don’t count since no nutritional value, and Boyle mourning the loss of this dog. Hitchcock and Scully were the funnier thing, I barely got a good laugh from Rosa bossing Boyle to get his work done. His grieving process feels real to him, but the jokes kinda just didn’t stick for me. Particularly the sealing dog collar in a air tight bag. That was just too weird for me. Rosa getting a puppy, great though.

Terry’s uneasiness is set perfectly here as he tries to ready himself for this advancement in his life that feels strange, yet he was more often than not shown he’s a more than capable leader. Terry is a strong, compassionate man, but its easy to see his nervousness. Its a big step, but even thought Terry is dealt a bad hand, he’s gonna be more than ready thanks to the wise words of Gina.


Now as to more familiarity, Doug Judy AKA The Pontiac Bandit. His episodes are like say the Halloween episodes, the different perspective episodes of Scrubs, The Tammy episodes of Parks and Recreation, or almost any Christmas episode of anything ever, there is a structure that is always follows. With episodes featuring the Pontiac Bandit, Jake and Doug bond despite differing moralities, Doug cons Jake, and gets away before being arrested. Its old hat, but is really always welcomed here given the ball of charisma that Craig Robinson is and how he bounces off so well of not just Andy Samberg, but Melissa Fumero too who sends them two free cruise tickets since someone is sent from Doug’s old crew to kill him at his new job, Caribbean cruise lounge singer. Of course to highlight Robinson’s musical abilities, but you don’t see me complaining.

But Doug calling upon does do something for the plot in that it is also advancement of Jake and Amy’s relationship. They clearly love each other, but of course its a while before the big L word is even said. Jake instead says “noice” and/or “smort” in response to the emotional moments of this relationship. Speaking to Jake’s child like senses sometimes and how often he really does need a poke in the ass to move a inch closer to maturity, especially given how Amy has a full itinerary planned out while Jake wants to lay in bed and eat a lot of shrimp (a man after my own heart). The scenes of the trio are obviously the highlight of the episode and provide the biggest laughs from proper shuffleboard terminology to how they find the hitman himself. Its solid work all around and does lead to the conclusion of Jake and Amy saying “I love you” to each other in one of the kindest and sweetest moments the show has ever done.

Now also you’d think the episode would be a trilogy to close things out, but the ending doesn’t and I do believe that to be deliberate as the show knows it doesn’t feel like it, there is no sense of finality to the Jake and Doug saga and I’m happy about that since it means more Craig Robinson. It leaves us with enough fun to keep us hanging for next time when Boyle will be involved since Doug and Jake are so similar and a best friend off between Boyle and Doug would be too goddamn good.


Back mainland, we get Captain Holt’s sister. Holy shit there are other Holts! Holt’s sister is very open and loud unlike Holt and even better, played by Niecy Nash. I love this so, so goddamn much I can’t believe it even happened. What works is their opposition as to their approach to what’s going on with them, but what’s going on with them brings them closer together. Sending Kevin away has actually done wonders for the character development of Captain Holt and both episodes have that in common. Its opened up a whole lot of avenue, including being more emotional and showcasing yet again how goddamn amazing and much needed to the world Andre Braugher is. Braugher and Niecy Nash also happen to have great chemistry together and I welcome any chance to bring Holt’s sister back.

Boyle and Rosa sadly are yet again saddled with the least interesting angle, though it is better, each of them fighting over the apartment of a recently deceased woman and sucking up to the landlord. Not bad and actually provided a much better use of them, but paled in comparison of the two much better plots of the episode. It feels more fleshed out, but again in comparison to what just came, its okay.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine uses a well-rounded, character focused and advancing episode to follow up a bit of a lackluster one. Season three keeps going along!

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Yippie Kayak

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: L-R: Joe Lo Truglio and Andy Samberg in the “Yippie Kayak” episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Sunday, Dec. 13 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: John P Fleenor

Come to 99, get together, have a few laughs!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 10: Yippie Kayak: GRADE: A

Its taken three seasons but we now have Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Die Hard episode and I’m glad we waited this long. First season, we were still getting to know the characters, but the influence of the greatest Christmas movie ever (shut up, it is) has been seen on Jake as to who he is and his professional career. Season 2 maybe, but honestly then we wouldn’t have gotten the return of the Pontiac Bandit. But now, now is the time for Jake to live out his fantasy in being a full Die Hard situation. The episode is perfectly setup for character dynamics that needed time to be fleshed out to make this work and that’s what makes this such a great episode.

Choosing Jake, Boyle, and Gina as the ones in the building is perfect given their now interconnectivity with Jake and Gina being childhood friends, Jake and Boyle being best friends, and Boyle and Gina being family now. All have had great chemistry together and within the pairings I’ve said. Gifting circumstances all bring them to the same department store they sneak into in get said gifts only to find themselves in a Die Hard situation much to their bad luck and Jake’s sick delight of the situation. Jake takes too much of his cop attitude from Die Hard above all other cop fiction and Samberg plays it up so well to keep Jake being honestly serious about the situation and feeling a sincere delight that this is happening. Jake is a damn good cop and goes above and beyond to prove it, even when upset its Canadians with names like Mike robbing the store, but the gang does definitely have its own Hans Gruber, but still you know, Canadian.

Jake and Boyle being a team as they take down the crooks is a delight next to Gina’s insistence of being useful to them, but mainly through the uses of a flame thrower. The show makes the best out of what its homaging, while still feeling true to what makes this show the show it is. Jake might be in control and aware, but he to a certain degree even deep down knows he is in over his head, which makes some sense that he’s not the hero at the end, but Boyle who gets to have the total McClane moment and ruin the quoting of his catchphrase, which silently kills Jake inside horribly. The show going full Die Hard just worked better than you could imagine.


Now for Amy who needs to make up for accidentally leaving what was perceived to be a bomb on Holt’s desk in a not-so-clever way to give him a Christmas gift. Amy tries to resolve the conflict that is only in her head by joining him and Rosa for for a Polar Swim. Amy tries to prove she’s not a wimp when no one really even called her one. This is the deep rooted insecurity of someone needing approval would do and for Amy, its just another day for her with that. Melissa Fumero really keeps playing this character very well and adds some nicely done layers. This is great character work since its better than having Holt and Rosa goat her on, but we’re in year three now and they’ve gotten beyond doing something like that would it to happen in more so season one. Jake is amped about his situation, Amy isn’t, but at least seeing Jake’s text about the store leads her to travel into the water, yell at Holt to shut up, and get them down to the store.

Terry has to deal with his Christmas being ruined after dealing the whole squad no one is to disrupt his dinner plans, which are then ruined, but for good reason and after telling off deadbeat brother-in-law Zeke, which obviously made Terry’s holiday, he becomes the point man on the outside and has to deal with The Vulture who is in charge of the situation. Terry swallowed his pride when Vulture was the captain, but now a whole different dynamic opens up and makes for some nicely done back and fourth. Terry won’t take shit, especially with the lives of his friends on the line. So Terry literally dumping him in the trash makes logical sense where the story goes and its worth the suspension and Holt urging Terry to take the upcoming lieutenant’s exams.

Even Hitchcock and Scully get in on the fine by helping Terry corner the getaway point of all the robbers. Also hostage situations would make me very hungry too. Also Gina waving her flame thrower is amazing. I had to work that in somehow. Its just amazing.


An inevitable Brooklyn Nine-Nine gimmick episode turns out to be a real Christmas treat and one of the shows finest episodes yet. So lets all get together, have a few laughs, and watch Die Hard again.

Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Swedes

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We learn about friendship from Sweden!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 3: Episode 9: The Swedes: GRADE: A-

Brooklyn Nine-Nine keeps hitting a great stride of firing on every cylinder yet again with its latest episode.

Our main focus is yet again how Jake perceives friendship, a theme nicely done last season in Chocolate Milk. Now Jake has been deeply explored with almost everyone in the department. Take Chocolate Milk for instances where Jake and Terry did become friend friends and Jake is now the godfather to his new daughter. Friendship is a key thing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it likes to explore how people differently perceive friendships. Jake is the kind of guy that thinks everyone he chooses to spend his time with is his friend and what better place is that examined than in a police precinct? Jake likes to think he and Rosa are friends and while having some nice moments together, its mostly been centered around work and not actual friendship. Rosa is a tougher customer to know for Jake than Terry is since Terry loves being open. Rosa isn’t gonna tell Jake she broke up with Marcus, outside of Holt of course, or that she’s seeing someone new (Tom from the library).

Jake is genuinely hurt that he doesn’t know that or that much about Rosa aside from their time together in the police academy. Friendship with characters on TV shows can be easy to assume in a workplace setting like this, but what this does is show how that really isn’t always the case and its sort of that thing in life. Having the complete opposite of Swedish detectives coming over to work on a linked case was a good way to showcase that with well caste guest stars Riki Lindhome and Anders Holm. Now they work exceedingly well together in their roles and with Andy Samberg and Stephanie Beatriz. Sure it comes to the conclusion that they are honestly friends, but maybe a bit more could have been done and I am slightly disappointed that the case being a jewel heist didn’t give Jake any jewel heist like puns or action movie scenarios to do. Finale maybe?

The charm of this main plot is how it Samberg and Beatriz sell it which they do and Lindhome and Holm make the best of their screen time as their polar opposites. Its perfectly crafted.

BK-S3_505-sc13-JC_9612_hires2_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

While we’re still on friendship, we see more of that developing between Holy and Boyle as Boyle is brought in as Kevin’s replacement for a squash tournament to make sure he and his husband can threepeat as champions. Me I’m more than fine with this since it means Andre Braugher and Joe Lo Truglio working together. We know how Holt is with pretty much everyone else and getting to see how his is with Boyle allows himself to open up, such as not indulging how super competitive he is, which matches well with Holt’s desire to win, but the flashbacks show how much crazier Boyle is and watching Lo Truglio go nuts is great. Its a great way to further trademark how intense a character Boyle is, that and suggesting Jake put a baby in Amy for their six month anniversary (convenient time jump to match up with real-time).

But that is why Holt chose him, his intensity and also how he sees his value as a great detective to the force, but Boyle is self-conscious when it comes to Holt for how intimidating Holt is as a person. I’m always up for more of these two together since its lead for great development these past few weeks.

Elsewhere Gina is having trouble struggling with trying to pass an astrology exam is cute and nice for what it is. It certainly does feature many laughs from Terry and Amy’s interpretive dance to explain it to her after she already passed it, Terry being at the same gym as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gina not know who that is, and how much Neil’s benches. Note, more than most of us might. ITs just psychics.

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The show gets a boost from its Swedish friends to keep things hot in the cold winter months. This show continues to get better.